Professional furnished renter: a worthwhile investment?

Even though the non-professional furnished rental (LMNP) shows its limits in terms of taxation of capital gains, the status of LMP, renter in professional furniture, seems more advantageous on this criterion. Who can embark on such a project? What do you need to know before investing?

How to become a renter in professional furniture?

How to become a renter in professional furniture?

The conditions to enter the category of professional furnished renters (LMP) are strict. There are three in total:

-The compulsory registration in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) as a professional renter;

– Annual rental income exceeding € 23,000 including tax;

– Rental income representing more than 50% of the resources of the tax home.

In short, the professionally furnished rental must take on the role of full occupation and ensure a large part of the family income.

Professional furnished renter: the advantages of the scheme

Professional furnished renter: the advantages of the scheme

The investor has the right to deduct more expenses from his overall income than if he realized a bare rent. All expenses, such as maintenance expenses, amortization and repairs, can be charged to income and thus contribute to the reduction in taxes. Borrowing interest is also part of the property deficit to be charged against income.

In the context of a resale, we mobilize the system of professional capital gains, more advantageous than that of individuals. Under certain conditions (activity carried out for more than 5 years, annual receipts less than 90 000 € HT), taxes are not applicable – if the ceiling is exceeded, the latter may be reduced. In addition, the heritage of the LMP falls into the category of professional property. In this sense, it does not fall under the Solidarity Tax on Fortune (ISF).

Some disadvantages to know

Some disadvantages to know

If the allocation of the deficit is theoretically possible for the hirer in professional furniture, it remains complex. Indeed, most of the deficit comes from depreciation. The latter allows to deduct 2 to 3% of the value of the property each year, without offering a significant tax savings.

In addition, if real estate gains are not subject to tax, they may involve  contributions. In general, the system of professional capital gains can be advantageous if you control it well because, in some cases, sometimes high taxes can generate unpleasant surprises.

How to Build Your Business – Operation Business | Entrepreneur


Auto entrepreneur is the status that many people are aiming for. It particularly concerns people wishing to set up a small-scale enterprise. This type of status is available to all: students, applicants   jobs, employees … Discover how to get started in self-entrepreneurship, and what are the steps to take ?

Self-employed status: definition

Auto entrepreneur is the status of a person who carries on business in the form of a sole proprietorship. It enjoys a legal status that is tax-efficient and low-tax, according to French legislation. This is the ideal way to explore, test a project or practice a secondary activity.

Self-employed status: definition

Auto entrepreneur

How to become an entrepreneur

How to become an entrepreneur

A. Becoming a self-entrepreneur: How to declare oneself?

A. Becoming a self-entrepreneur: How to declare oneself?

Above all, it should be noted that the status of self-employed does not apply to companies with an annual turnover that exceeds the threshold of the tax regime of the micro-enterprise. This threshold is a function of the sector of activity where one wishes to launch. The two areas of activity are commercial activities (buying / selling, accommodation facilities, catering) and service provision as well as the liberal professions (which depend on the BIC, BNC).

A simple statement is enough to become an entrepreneur. Fill in the PO and AE forms. On the other hand, for certain trades such as that of electrician, it is necessary to justify an acceptable level of qualification. The said declaration will be transmitted by Internet to the Center of Formalities of the Companies. Depending on the area of ​​activity, it will be sent to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) for commercial activities; Chamber of Crafts Crafts (CMA) for crafts; the URSSAF for the liberal activities and the commercial court for a commercial agent in real estate.


Become an auto entrepreneur: Benefits

Become an auto entrepreneur: Benefits


Become an entrepreneur

Moving to auto entrepreneur status entitles you to many benefits. In fact, as a self-employed entrepreneur, you are exempted from several charges, such as the famous property tax assessment (CFE). And that in your first year of activity. In addition, the administrative steps of declaring your micro enterprise are very simplified. It requires less energy than the formalities of companies such as SA, Sarl …

The accounting of the auto entrepreneur scheme is similarly lighter. You do not have to publish your accounts and you are free of VAT . That is, the value of a product excluding taxes is the same as the value TTC .

In addition, it should be noted that you do not have to make a capital contribution when starting your business . Yet this capital contribution is required for the majority of companies that have other legal forms. When you declare your business, you benefit from the Business Creation Assistance (ACCRE). ACCRE accompanies you and makes it easier to start your business. Help that reduces your social charges. The payment of income tax is simplified.

Self-entrepreneur status: the challenges

Self-entrepreneur status: the challenges

The disadvantage of this status is that you are forced to slow down your activities, so as not to exceed the threshold of the tax system of the micro enterprise. You will then switch to the regime of the individual company. The auto entrepreneur file does not take into account the status of old age. Unless it is not retained by the social security for the self-employed, and the interprofessional fund of the provident and the old-age insurance (Cipav), or the land subscription, or the professional insurance like other companies.

The self-employed entrepreneur is then totally responsible for the acts done on the professional level. Yet the problems related to its load can occur at any time. He must therefore subscribe to an independent professional liability insurance.

The platforms for linking self-employed entrepreneurs

The platforms for linking self-employed entrepreneurs


Matchmaking platforms for auto entrepreneur

The National Federation of Self-Employed Microentrepreneurs (FEDae) reveals that 34% of self-employed businesses use digital service platforms to find assignments (according to a national survey conducted in 2016). Auto entrepreneurs are increasingly using digital platforms to increase their turnover.

There are many digital ways around connecting two people. And this, whether between individuals or between professionals. These means thus constitute a major advantage for the self-employed. They can find new customers and increase their turnover. The principle is simple , users post requirements and providers respond. The process can be free or paid, on subscription or at the mission, or on the mission carried out. Hundreds of linking platforms are available on the web. Among these, we can mention:

1. Freelancer

FreelanceRepublik is a dual-entry marketplace that connects Tech & Digital freelancers with companies of all sizes and industries.

2. The Extras Club

The club of extras allows the hotels restaurants to order an extra in reception, room, kitchen and room. Free registration, no subscription and no commitment.

3. Brush’n barber

BRUSH’N BARBER is a website and an application for linking registered and private home hairdressers (M / F).

Present on the market since late 2016, the solution was designed to organize the meeting between the urban population in a hurry and connected and hairdressers

4. Hopwork

Hopwork is the network of freelance communities. More than 25,000 companies are looking for freelancers on Hopwork. It is the customer who comes almost to you.

5. is a site that encourages direct employment without intermediary in all trades of services to individuals. More than 300 trades in 15 worlds: from more traditional ones like the childcare or the help to the old people, to the most original ones like coach of personal development

6. MyGooder

MyGooder’s business is to connect independent home care professionals with individual clients via a web platform. MyGooder is the equivalent of a full-service Human Services agency

7. Happysitters

Happysitters is the first platform dedicated to connecting parents and self-employed baby-sitters for after-school babysitters.

8. Jemepropose a platform for connecting individuals and / or professionals in the world of jobbing, services and local jobs. has more than 600,000 members and 150,000 ads.


Welcome to the 1st community of creative freelance professionals. It offers the opportunity to graphic enthusiasts to diversify their missions.

9. JobyPepper

JobyPepper is a platform that allows companies to outsource their simple tasks and a few hours to freelance students. A solution without commitment and without administrative procedure. No more small daily tasks that take time.

10. BeeBoss

BeeBoss is an on-demand services platform dedicated to businesses. The platform organizes the link between a pool of qualified Talents and companies wishing to offer services to their end customers.

List of self-employed trades

List of self-employed trades

Many trades are open to auto-entrepreneur status with a few exceptions. A non-exhaustive list of the most sought-after professions and practiced by auto entrepreneurs:

  • Graphic designers
  • Developers
  • Support function (administration, accounting, finance, marketing …)
  • Editors and translators
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Directors and Editors
  • Sound specialists
  • Product designers and packaging
  • Data scientists
  • Sales and Marketing Consultants
  • New technologies specialists
  • Creative profiles in the broad sense
  • data processing
  • Consulting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Communication consultants
  • System Administrators
  • directors
  • Project managers
  • Sound expert
  • Programmer
  • Travel organizer
  • Community Manager
  • The consulting professions that can be done by telephone: astrologer, coach, numerologist, lawyer, psychologist, etc.
  • Yoga coach
  • Artist-creator
  • Administrative assistance
  • Auto agent
  • Sports coach or life coach
  • Gardener
  • Home teacher (tutoring)
  • Farmer
  • Funeral Services
  • Music therapist
  • Writer
  • Business Contributor
  • Pet sitter (pet sitting)

Self-Business Project: How to Build a Business

Self-Business Project: How to Build a Business

A. Market study

When you start your auto business project with the ambition to generate enough revenue to live on it, you will need to choose a profitable market segment (health and well-being, personal development, interpersonal relationships, Business and Entrepreneurship, Spirituality and esotericism) . Millions of people are interested in everyday life on one of these themes, they already have their habits of consumption. The needs of consumers are known and the ways to improve existing services are easily identifiable.

B. Networking and Strategic Partnership

B. Networking and Strategic Partnership


Strategic Partnership – Auto Entrepreneur

When becoming a self-employed entrepreneur, consider contacting your network (acquaintances, family, former clients, business partners, former employer possibly). These are all potential customers likely to entrust you with the performance of services. Also participate in networking events near you. It is by going to meet others that you can meet their needs.


Auto entrepreneur: How to manage your money


Manage your money when you are an entrepreneur

I. Open multiple bank accounts


The advantage of the auto entrepreneur status is that your accounting is kept to a minimum. However, do not mix the private and the professional. So open a bank account for your business activity that is independent of your personal account. This professional account will be used to receive your money, and you will also be able to use it to cover the various charges and taxes. Each bank account must operate separately. Keeping your accounts will be greatly facilitated.

It should be noted that the auto entrepreneur status does not always require you to create a paid professional account. It is up to you to negotiate with your customer advisor of the bank to open a free account which includes both your name, first name and a business name for your auto business. The name of the business name will allow you to cash checks in the name of your business.

II. Manage the accounting of your own business

II. Manage the accounting of your own business

Although self-employed entrepreneurs are not required to keep a complete set of accounts or prepare a year-end balance sheet, they must keep two registers up to date:

at. The recipe book

This book must mention the amount and origin of the receipts collected chronologically. The references of supporting documents (invoices, etc.) must also be indicated.

b. A register of purchases

When the activity is traded, the auto entrepreneur must keep a register summarizing the details of his purchases by year, specifying the method of payment and the references of the supporting documents (invoices, etc.).

As a professional, the auto entrepreneur must give his customers a proper invoice and thus comply with the many mandatory information. In particular, invoices must bear the words “VAT not applicable, art. 293 B of the CGI “if it benefits from the basic franchise and the SIREN number it obtained when it was registered.

Pay Less Taxes: The Auto Entrepreneur Tax System

Pay Less Taxes: The Auto Entrepreneur Tax System

The auto entrepreneur benefits from the simplified micro-social scheme. It’s the same social coverage as the self-employed.

This scheme allows a simplified settlement of contributions and social contributions made in a monthly or quarterly payment whose amount is calculated by applying a rate to the turnover achieved.

The auto entrepreneur pays his social charges only on what he cash. If he does not collect anything, he does not declare and pay nothing. Indeed, the social package includes the contributions:

  • health and maternity insurance,
  • additional daily allowance,
  • CSG / CRDS
  • Family Allowances,
  • basic pension,
  • in respect of the compulsory supplementary pension,
  • to the disability and death plan
  • CSG / CRDS
  • Income tax
  • Auto entrepreneurs are subject to the tax regime of the micro-enterprise.

Self-employed income declaration


The auto entrepreneur can opt for the payment of the income tax. In the opposite case, the self-employed entrepreneur must declare his profits as part of his income tax return and be taxed on it.

Finally, to go further, discover in this video: “How to become a successful entrepreneur”


How to Start a Business Abroad? | Business Loans


Do you dream of starting a business abroad ? You can make your dream come true! As the fastest growing economic hub in the UAE, Dubai is the perfect place to put your company. Offering a constantly growing market and a stable and competitive economic structure, the city is perfectly ideal for investors from all over the world.

Start a business abroad: why choose Dubai?

Start a business abroad: why choose Dubai?


Starting a business abroad , especially in Dubai, allows you to enjoy various benefits. Here are a few :

    • Investment flexibility in any part of the UAE
    • No limit on the number of visas
    • Various licensed commercial activities available
    • Tax haven: no business or personal tax.

8 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business Abroad

8 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business Abroad


 1. Type of business

To create your business, you have to define what is the type. Your type of business will determine the type of license you will need. Whether they are commercial, professional or industrial licenses, they will define the basis of your operations. However, when selecting, remember that certain activities such as food trade, jewelry trade, veterinary activities, service delivery and legal consultation require additional authorization from other government departments. .

2. Ownership

If you want to start a business abroad and own your company 100%, you need to choose a license and a location in one of the UAE’s many free zones. There are types of activities specific to each free zone and the clarity of the first step will help you find your best option.

If you need a local license or need to operate locally, you must obtain a license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). The DED license is subject to certain ownership restrictions for foreigners, based on different legal structures under DED.

3. Legal structure

For new businesses, depending on location and type, there are rules regarding the composition of your business. For example, if you plan to use a legal advisory firm, you can only do so as a branch of a company or as a standalone company. A sole proprietor can not perform this activity. Each free zone has its own restrictions on the structure of the enterprise . You can also search them on the official website of the area.

4. Trade name

Starting a business means having a business name. Your business name is a very important part of the legal process. The name of the company should ideally indicate the nature of the business. However, this one does not apply for a branch of another company. All the rules regarding trade names can be found on the DED official website.

5. Social capital

To set up a company, your company must have share capital. Minimum share capital is generally defined in the proposed association’s protocol of association. In most cases, you do not need to pay a minimum capital at the time of installation.

6. local

Once your legal procedures and forms are ready, it would be best to select some offices with costs and other details. This is a way to go once your legal formalities are settled. In the free zones, you will get help to find the premises that meet your needs, as well as to set up electricity, internet, water and other amenities.

7. Employees

In most legal forms of the DED, you must hire a manager to oversee the operations and prepare them to be present before your registration is approved. But in other cases, you may not be able to hire at all. For example, Intelaq license holders (license for UAE home business owners) are not allowed to hire staff. However, they can hire contractors. For free zones, each zone has its own specific rules regarding the business structure.

8. Local support

For DED licenses, it is mandatory to have a local agent, partner or sponsor. This is a valuable support for starting a business abroad . For free zones, having a local contact can help move the business forward effectively. However, this is not mandatory in Dubai. Indeed, the city offers an easy configuration for all investors, regardless of their nationality.


The Guide for Business Leaders } Business Credit.

Domiciling your company is a must not neglect for the latter to be officially recognized. Depending on the type of business, however, it is advisable to choose the best solution of domiciliation that is. Discover in a few points what is essential for the smooth running of your activities.

The different types of business domiciliation

The different types of business domiciliation

The domiciliation of company allows the company concerned to have an address serving as its head office thus facilitating its activity . In addition to receiving mail, the newly created company will be able to receive its customers and other partners.

The option most incurred by companies is undoubtedly the commercial domiciliation. The latter offered by an intermediary allows the company to enjoy the prestige of the address and services often offered in addition to the telephone reception or the granting of a post office box.

For companies that do not need a significant area in the course of their business, the incubator is a solution that saves on rent. Indeed, being a group of several companies, it reduces costs by taking advantage of additional services.

Finally, the domiciliation at the address of the head of the company is possible in the case where the latter is an independent contractor or in the case of a company, in the domicile of its director exclusively. For the latter option, the domiciliation can only last 5 years and the address will then have to be modified.

What is the budget for a business domiciliation?

What is the budget for a business domiciliation?

The cost of a business domiciliation varies according to several factors. Indeed, the location of the headquarters, the solution of domiciliation chosen, the fame, the additional services proposed are all reasons which can make climb the invoice.

What you need to remember is that your budget will vary between twenty euros to more than 200 euros per month for a commercial domiciliation or about 400 to 600 euros in case you opt for an incubator space. To know the price of your domiciliation of company , do not hesitate to ask a quotation on measure.

4 Tips on How to Fast Cash and Debit Debts


 Creating the habit of saving money is easier than you think! With a little discipline and good financial planning it is possible to economize and be able to finance that dream or to guarantee its financial independence. Here are some tips on how to make quick money and start saving right now!

Create the habit by setting goals

Create the habit by setting goals

Gathering money is a habit and needs to be treated as such. We do not create habits from day to night, so set goals and offer a prize for each one that is fulfilled.

For example, if your dream is to buy a car, divide it by the number of months you want to get it, and see how much you should save monthly to get there. Every month you reach the value, give yourself a small gift, such as a trip to the movies or a restaurant that you enjoy.

So, as you reach your goals, you are also cultivating the habit of saving money and making it become part of your routine.

Use an automatic finance manager

Use an automatic finance manager

But how can you save this value? Many find it impossible, but the truth is that lack of financial control undermines our view of our finances, making us feel that all the spending we have is needed. Did you know that people who control their finances can improve their financial health by 14% in the first month alone? This is what a survey of users of Count Aleksey Vronsky shows .

Using technology to your advantage is another tip. If you did not adapt with manual spreadsheets, using an automated financial control application such as Count Aleksey Vronsky can help you easily see all the expenses you make in the month by separating them by category so you can see loopholes for save more easily.

It is possible, for example, to see that some of our necessary expenses, such as a cellphone bill, cable TV package, and out-of-home power, can be exchanged for a cheaper, less-profitable plan, a less- more snacks and dinners cooked at home.

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10 tips on how to save money on a daily basis

One of the easiness of using an app is that the control is done almost all automatically, and is always within reach of the hands, through your smartphone – even add to those spent pennies when buying a chewing gum in the bakery.

Have control over your debts

Have control over your debts

At this point, an app for financial control also helps you see how much debt you have, making it easier to control so that this problem does not turn out to be a snowball.

In order for you to become a saver, it is important that you eliminate debts, giving priority to those with higher interest rates, such as credit card and overdraft. If you’re wrapped up in expensive arrangements, consider taking an attractive personal loan, such as Just offered, take away the pending and start paying less interest.

These two should only be used in the last case, for they are the greatest enemies of those who want to save, for giving the false impression that we are not creating debts, but spending our own money.

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Choose the best way to save your money

Choose the best way to save your money

It was the time when, by saving money, we kept the amount under the mattress! Nowadays, there are cost-effective ways to save the money and maybe even make the cake grow. That way, it is also possible to protect money from inflation and avoid the temptation to spend it ahead of time.

The savings account is a great option for those who want to save the amount for a short time, since it has low income. For those who will save more time, resorting to a private pension plan or to direct treasury bonds can guarantee greater profitability.

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The important thing is to evaluate your situation well, having your goals well designed and well thought out planning!

So, did you like our tips on how to make quick money? See also our post with tips on how to earn extra money on the internet and complement your income!


Conclusion of a Credit Loan Agreement – Procedure, Documents, Details

\ See

Page content

  • What does the loan agreement contain?
  • Credit transaction procedure
    • Content of the loan agreement
  • Acts for the conclusion of a loan agreement
    • What if the bank entered illegal terms into the agreement
    • What to pay special attention to when concluding a contract

The conclusion of a loan agreement is the last stage of a cash borrowing transaction. The bank and the borrower sign an agreement, which specifies the terms of the loan. The final transaction procedure is of prime importance, since the borrower undertakes clear obligations when signing the contract.

What does the loan agreement contain?


What clauses of the contract should the future debtor pay special attention to? All this, as well as the procedure for concluding a money-borrowing transaction, is described in the article.

Credit transaction procedure

Credit transaction procedure

If the bank approves the borrower’s application, the preparation of the main act – the loan agreement – begins. The draft agreement is an employee of the credit department on the basis of information specified by the client in the application. After that, the bank management considers the project and makes a decision – to leave this option or make changes.

At the same time, the following factors are important for a credit institution:

  • the ability of the loan to be returned by the possible debtor;
    financial condition of the borrower;
    content of the client’s credit biography .

If the management of the bank is not satisfied with some points, then the project is submitted for adjustment. After drawing up a new contract, with him familiarize the borrower. The client, first of all, studies the terms of the act and then either agrees to sign or refuses the bank to conclude the transaction.

The final stage of the credit transaction is the conclusion of an agreement. A bank employee and a client, at a predetermined time, sign a contract. From this moment on, the borrower becomes the debtor of the credit organization.

Content of the loan agreement

The main act of the transaction of monetary borrowing consists, as a rule, of standard points. If the loan is issued for a specific purpose, then the points are more, because there is information regarding the subject of the loan.

Meanwhile, each contract contains information about:

  • type of credit product;
  • term and amount of debt;
  • the procedure for granting borrowed funds;
  • the form and date of issue of money.

In addition, a list of acts that the prospective debtor provides during the design of the product.

The agreement also contains full information on the reliability of each side of the credit transaction – the bank and the loan recipient. This section indicates that it threatens the debtor or creditor for violation of a particular condition and prescribes the procedure for applying penalties.

In addition to the duties, the act contains information on what rights the borrower and the bank are entitled to. For example, an employee of a credit institution specifies in a contract in which cases a bank has the right to demand repayment of its debt ahead of time.

If borrowed funds are provided with a guarantee, then a separate clause of the agreement concerns guarantees of debt repayment. This section indicates:

  • the number and content of the pledge agreement;
  • numbers and content of contracts signed by the guarantors.

Acts for the conclusion of a loan agreement

Acts for the conclusion of a loan agreementActs for the conclusion of a loan agreement

To get borrowed funds, the act of the relevant transaction is signed. This procedure requires a specific documentation package.

So, for the conclusion of the contract, the borrower provides the credit manager with the following:

  • civil passport – the original and copies of the filled pages;
  • certificate of income for the period specified by the bank;
  • papers confirming employment;
  • certificate of no outstanding criminal record.

The latter include a certified copy of the workbook. The elderly borrower, submits as proof of solvency, a certificate of the amount of the pension for a specific period.
If among the parties to the transaction are the guarantors of the return of borrowed funds, the agreement is concluded only if there is a contract of guarantee. The same applies to property guarantees – to conclude a transaction, a pledge agreement is required. When making a loan for two, the joint debtor also provides the above acts.

What if the bank entered illegal terms into the agreement

Before signing the main act, the borrower carefully examines the content. It happens that a credit institution introduces conditions into the agreement that violate the rights of the future debtor. For example, a bank specifies in the contract a ban on the repayment of borrowed funds in advance.

If the borrower finds that one clause of the agreement is against the law, then the client is entitled to either:

  • point the bank to an error;
  • immediately refuse to make a deal.

Lawyers advise to do the latter, because an attempt to deceive a client speaks of the unreliability of a credit institution. You should not take borrowed money in the bank, which is deceiving customers.

If the contract is already signed, but contains illegal conditions, then for cancellation, the borrower is required to go to court. In such a situation, the truth is on the side of the debtor. However, the money received from the bank, the borrower will have to return.

In the event that a section appears in the agreement, the content of which was not voiced when the act was drafted, the debtor is entitled to demand termination of the transaction. In this case, the bank also violates the law, since it issues a product on terms that it does not tell the client in full.

What to pay special attention to when concluding a contract

To avoid problems during the repayment of the loan, you need to competently approach the conclusion of the loan agreement. To do this:

  1. Carefully study the conditions of the program.
  2. Compare the terms of the offer with the content of the agreement.

In addition, the contract includes items that require detailed study. This includes sections on:

  • the right to change the bank interest rates;
  • violations by the debtor of the terms of the contract and the consequences thereof;
  • use of collateral;
  • refinancing rights.

A credit institution raises even a fixed rate, so you should carefully look to ensure that there is no corresponding condition in the agreement.

In addition, the future debtor is important to know for what and how, the bank has the right to punish for a violation. The use of the object of the target loan is also a necessary section, because if the rules are violated, the borrower loses the property or vehicle.