A collection of three paintings by legendary Indian painter (late) KN Ramachandran (1937-2015) together with his son Karthikeyan Ramachandran up for auction as NFT on Token Runway


‘Futuristic Antique’ – a series of paintings created in collaboration between Karthikeyan Ramachandran and his legendary artist Father Late KN Ramachandaran (1937-2015) on the theme of ‘Futuristic Antique’ which will be launched as NFT on March 08.

Bombay – 08 March 2022 – As NFTs continue to gain momentum in the creative universe, Karthikeyan Ramachandran – Founder of Xtrathin Design Pvt. ltd. – announces the launch by NFT of a unique collection of paintings entitled “Futuristic Antique” which were created in collaboration with his late father – the famous artist KN Ramachandran. This, Ramachandran explains, is the first collaboration with his legendary father and is themed around the concept of looking at today, as a matter of the past, from a futuristic perspective. It has partnered with Token Runway – India’s first invitation-only NFT project – for its first-ever NFT art auction of From March 8 (2000 hours IST) to March 11 (2000 hours IST).

Artist, art curator and designer par excellence, Karthik wears many hats. Son of legendary entertainer Late KN Ramachandran, Karthik has spearheaded some of India’s best-known ad campaigns including Netflix, Amazon and Goa Tourism. He is also the founder of the art gallery ‘False Ceiling’ and the art festival ‘Appa Art Fest’. His paintings mix the future with the past, the culture with the context and the real with the imaginary.

In Futuristic Antique, the past, present and future are the main motifs at play. The series is a composition of artworks called “Zebra Force” and “Safeguarding the Tradition”. While ‘Zebra Force’, with elements of pop culture, is an unconventional artistic interpretation of how design and aesthetics save the world, ‘Safeguarding the Tradition’ tells a visual story of the future by taking care of the present, which in itself is the bearer of the past; like Science taking care of Faith.

Speaking about NFT’s drop, Karthikeyan Ramachandran said, “For an artist to present his work to the world to see and appreciate is the greatest joy. Traditionally, the medium was physical and that’s what people relied on – there were traditional galleries and curators who dealt with B2B buyers. However, given the future we live in, with crypto doing its peacock dance, I don’t see why any artist would want to turn away from this new medium that makes it easier to showcase art in the art markets. newly evolved digital art. Markets that have been created by people who understand and see things others don’t, and bring them to equally intelligent audiences/patron. I think we still have to explore the depth of these possibilities. For now, we are only scratching the surface of this digital trench.

Commenting on his association with Token Runway, Ramachandran adds, “A lot of an artist’s strength lies in how best their manager can communicate and connect with the right collector, and I see NFTs as the perfect way to reach the right kind of audience. This is the first drop of digital art between me and my father. Since we started collaborating very late in his life (also now that he’s late), this is also part of the last digital drops between us. Limited lifespan, limited artwork! There won’t be any more, ever. And it had to be done right, so I’m glad to have partnered with Token Runway for my first and very special NFT project.

Vinay Agarwal, co-founder of Token Runway, said, “The use of blockchain and NFTs is an emerging phenomenon and helps realize how powerful true ownership is. It means a lot to a truly loyal audience to actually be able to own their asset – and it could essentially be something digital like music, games, paintings or memorabilia. This concept has really opened the door to bringing a lot of real-world stuff into a digital universe and turning it into digital assets with greater value stemming from its scarcity. It also allows the owner to trade these assets, which makes the idea very lucrative for artists and fans.

“What Karthikeyan and his father have created – this beautiful series of paintings – is simply iconic. And it’s exciting to work with artists who are futuristic and want to see how they can amplify who they are through us. We We’re thrilled to be the partner helping to deepen relationships within the artist community through the launch of Karthikeyan’s first NFT.

KN Ramachandran was a maestro of the art at a time when local banner painters competed to create the biggest and most impressive movie banners. With picturesque landscapes and charismatic portraits of people, Ramachandran’s art was popular in the film industry, however, he eventually became a modern artist who exhibited in galleries and so, after winning awards for the entire career and many other honours, rooted the love and passion for art. in his son. As Karthikeyan entered the realm of creativity, he was inspired by his father and continued to create artistic solutions beyond the usual.

Xtrathin Design Pvt. Ltd – his brainchild – is a production and design house that helps clients find innovative solutions to age-old communication challenges and push the boundaries of design and artistry to achieve remarkable campaigns. The company boasts of an illustrious clientele which includes brands like UTV, Amazon, Netflix, Incredible India, GTDC, Zee, Dharma, to name a few.

Karthikeyan has also worked for streaming platforms for projects like Mirzapur, Made in Heaven, Comicstaan ​​and also for movies like Kai Po Che, The Lunchbox, Shahid, ABCD, Ghanchakkar, Joker among others.

He now plans to release another interesting art collection with Token Runway called “Leaf and let leaf”, however, details of this project remain undisclosed.

About Token Runway:

Token Runway is India’s first invitation-only premium NFT service provider that connects established and emerging creators with collectors while providing them with a platform to create NFTs. Token Runway was created with the belief that every artist has the potential to create work that stands out and should have the opportunity to earn commensurate rewards for their work.

Priyank Mahajan and Vinay Agarwal, who collectively have over three decades of deep understanding of the entertainment and media fields, are the founders of Token Runway. Having led many successful businesses, they are here to bring their understanding of the connection of creators to fans and to assess what each of them aspires to achieve.

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