A crook who became a painter: Anna Delvey’s paintings appear in a collective exhibition


It seems that fraudster, “businesswoman” and fake socialite, Anna Delvey, has now become a visual artist, behind the bars of her American detention center. Delvey, also known as Anna Sorokin, is showing her latest paintings in a group show at a Lower Manhattan gallery. The Russian-born criminal, whose high-society scams were exposed in a new York magazine article, then turned into a hit Netflix drama Invent Annais now trying to climb the ladder of the New York art market.

Anna Delvey exhibition


According to Times“everyone at the show agrees that she has a promising career ahead of her. The only thing holding her back is that she’s back in jail in upstate New York and risk deportation.” “It’s really exciting,” she told the paper. “There’s a lot of crime in the art world.

The exhibition, which is called “Free Anna Delvey”, will feature the prisoner’s pieces alongside other works by 33 artists, who claim to have been “inspired” by Delvey’s story. Five of Delvey’s pencil and acrylic drawings, which she made in prison, were reproduced on watercolor paper in large print by Alfred Martinez, co-curator of the exhibition.

Julia Morrison, the show’s other co-curator, told the New York Times that she first discovered Delvey’s drawings while browsing Instagram. She said, “No one is just a villain or just a hero,” alluding to Delvey’s multi-faceted personality. The exhibit is apparently an attempt to tell “his side of the story”, as Martinez put it. Forbes.


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