A giant goose sculpture will be installed at the top of the Gastown building


There’s certainly no shortage of geese in Vancouver, but a proposed public art sculpture in Gastown is meant to be a statement of their ability to survive in the city’s urban environment.

Local development company Lowtide Properties has submitted a development permit application to the municipal government to permanently install a larger-than-life sculpture on the roof of the heritage office building at 21 Water Street – overlooking Maple Tree Square.

Although an oversized bird, measuring 10 feet tall and up to 8.5 feet wide, the Gastown Goose is described as a “realistic” representation of a goose.

Artistic rendering of the Gastown Goose on the roof of 21 Water Street in Vancouver. (Creative Carvel)

According to the application, the intent of the sculpture is to provide Gastown with another attraction that will help revitalize the neighborhood and increase foot traffic, particularly to bring tourists further east of the Steam Clock.

The sculpture is by renowned American contemporary artist Richard Jackson, who “draws inspiration from the visual lexicon of domestic environments, universal basic human activities, and quintessential features of American life such as hunting and sports.”

Carvel Creative, a public art design and manufacturing company, is working with Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership on the app.

21 Water Street Vancouver Gastown Goose

Gastown Goose rooftop location at 21 Water Street, Vancouver. (Google Maps)

The towering office building houses the Vancouver studio of Industrial Light & Magic and the headquarters of Lowtide Properties, which owns the building. Lowtide is the real estate and development company of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson, who has in the past personally helped fund notable public art for the city’s streetscapes, including the A-maze-ing statues Laughter (laughing men) in English Bay. and the Trans Am Totem of stacked crushed cars.

Almost a decade ago, Vancouver saw the installation of another ‘animal on a pedestal’ public art sculpture – the seven-foot-tall poodle atop a 25-foot-tall pole at the corner northwest of the intersection of Main Street and 18th Avenue.

poodle main street vancouver

December 2020 status of the Main Street Poodle in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver. (Google Maps)


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