A local artist will exhibit artwork to celebrate Earth Day


Pictured is Artist-in-Residence at Abbey Road Artist Studios in Athlone, Mimi Seery.

Local artist Mimi Seery will be exhibiting her works in the green of the Athlone Civic Center this Friday.

The artwork will be on display in Athlone to celebrate Earth Day this Friday and will remain on site until May 23.

The art installation titled “I See You” is inspired by the African philosophy of Ubuntu. The title of the work is linked to the idea that once we really see someone, they become real. The less we see ourselves as individuals, the more we see humanity as a whole.

The philosophy of Ubuntu comes from the realization that everyone’s life is deeply connected to the other and the choice to use personal power to engage in the common good, as opposed to creating a good isolated individual.

The installation consists of a mirror in the shape of a human silhouette based on Mimi’s form with a raised hand in greeting. It is fixed flat on the green space, immersed in the grass that surrounds it.

According to Mimi, the interaction of the public with the work is essential to its completion. “Seeing ourselves reflected in a mirrored silhouette of another human being connects us not only to the work of art, but to ourselves.” “Inside this mirror image we see more of the elements we are connected to, the sky above us and the earth below us. It aims to encourage a reconnection with ourselves, with each other. others and with nature by considering all these elements as part of a whole.”

Mimi is a multimedia artist working in the mediums of painting, photography and mixed media. She wants to encourage other artists to join her works, which aim to showcase art in Athlone and the growth of public art more generally.

In 2018 she was awarded the ICAD Upstarts Award for Emerging Artists/Designers in Ireland. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in Sligo, Dublin, Galway and Athlone.

Mimi is one of the artists in residence at Abbey Road Artist Studios in Athlone. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sligo IT, she traveled extensively across Asia discovering the diversities and commonalities between Western and Eastern cultures.

Upon her return, she continued her studies in graphic design at the BCFE with the aim in particular of studying advertising and the principles of how the subject uses psychology for persuasion. Her work uses the same principles in advertising to diffuse the insecurities instilled by advertising media to elicit a response of self-actualization and reconnection with the environment.


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