A new contest will send artwork to the moon


Your artwork could fly to the moon.

The Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), a space development company, and community space program LifeShip have partnered to launch a competition that will send winning entries to the moon.

“We are excited to inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts who can express their passion artistically, with a chance to actually send their work into space,” said Orbital Assembly CEO Rhonda. Stevenson, in a statement.

The OAC Gravity Art Contest calls on artists to “create original artwork to promote travel to orbiting space stations, particularly the world’s first gravitational space stations, Traveler or pioneer stations,” the statement said.

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Inspiration for the artists will come from CAO’s planned commercial space stations, including their flagship project, the Voyager station. Voyager’s futuristic design uses a giant rotating ring to produce varying levels of near-lunar artificial gravity.

The OAC aims to accommodate space tourists on Voyager and plans to integrate luxury hotel suites, bars and restaurants into the station, as well as accommodations for government astronauts conducting low-gravity research. Construction of Voyager is expected to begin in 2025.

Entries for the new art competition will be judged on several categories, including originality, emotion, whimsy and “gravity in space”, and divided into two age-related sub-competitions. the youth contest is divided into three age groups — 12 and under, 13 to 15, and 16 to 17. adult competition for people aged 18 and over.

Winners and runners-up of both contests will receive cash prizes and coupons for the OAC Merchandise Shop.

However, there is another prize for both age groups that is literally out of this world. In collaboration with LifeShip – a space and genomics company that sends human DNA to outer space – OAC will send the top 300 artworks from both competitions to the moon as part of a “DNA seed bank and a Golden Record time capsule mission,” according to the statement.

“Imagine the exhilaration of seeing a work of art you have created displayed on the moon in the first Lunar Art Exhibition. We invite all space enthusiasts who are considering[s] space visit to submit their application as soon as possible,” Stevenson said.

Contest entries must be submitted to the OAC by May 15. For more information on the competition and its conditions of registration, visit the OAC website.

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