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The Aloft Art Gallery in Baer’s has announced the start of its 15th year bringing fine art to Tuolumne County and all its visitors and thankfully, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Each quarter, the gallery changes spaces with new works of art, and this change also celebrates the welcome of two new artists to the cooperative gallery: Sally Anne Fischer, oil and watercolor painter; and Kate Lackler, functional ceramics.

Fischer first studied watercolor with Dan Peterson at Yosemite College, then oil painting with Nick Potter at Fresno State University, while earning a degree in equine science. After college, she worked as a food formulator but ended up in the wine industry. As the pandemic progressed, she transitioned from wine to painting full-time, eventually opening a studio in downtown Sonora, though she credits most of her artistic development to local outdoor workshops, including those with Californian painters Chuck Waldman and Jim McVicker. Her current work reflects daily experiences mixed with emotions and memories. Still lifes include objects of personal significance and landscapes with historical significance or childhood memories. As she resides in her hometown, with her husband and daughter, she has inspiration and local knowledge of the sprawling terrain that makes up the Sierra Nevada mountains. Fischer appreciates high-quality, handmade or vintage frames, which she refurbishes in her downtown studio. Although she primarily works with oils in the open air, she also uses the veranda of her 1940s home to paint every morning. To learn more about Fischer, go online to

“I make jars to hold and use every day,” Kate Lackler said. “For me, the practice of pottery is about feeling the clay in my hands and allowing my mind and body to slow down. With each piece, I convey this sensory connection in its shape, balance and softness to the to touch.

“I create in small series, with a whimsical curiosity to play with soft curves and sculpted botanical designs. Many Lackler Ceramics pots feature agate, a technique using multiple contrasting clays. I like this style because of its unpredictability and its reminiscence of layered canyon rocks.

“I teach weekly wheel throwing classes and monthly hand building workshops. Information is available on my website”

The gallery is located at 105 S. Washington St. in downtown Sonora and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To see samples of all the works featured in the gallery, go online to

— Submitted by Aloft Art Gallery at Baer.


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