Amir Fallah’s paintings depict a captivating collision between Iranian and American culture


Given the complexity of each painting, one would imagine Amir’s creative practice to be quite hectic. The reality is quite the opposite. “After many years of working at a fast pace, I slowed down my process,” he tells us. Rather than filling in the gaps between projects by desperately experimenting to land on something new, Amir is happy to sit back, wait, and “marinate” his ideas. Sometimes he will contemplate an idea for a few years before finally deciding to paint it.

When he gets to this point, his first stop is his computer. “I never draw,” he tells us. Instead, he will carefully compose sketches and digital collages which he will then interpret into paint. The final stage of painting can then take another one to three months, he adds.

With his admiration for such a wide range of cultures and artistic influences, it’s no surprise that painting isn’t the only medium Amir works with. In fact, one of his favorite works is a series of stained glass windows he completed in 2021. It was the longest project he had ever worked on and his first large-scale installation for the city of LA qu he called Portals. The title is relevant. Light filters through the luminous centers of four stained glass windows bordered by the unfolding forms of plants and flowers. The ethereal effect is indeed that of looking through a portal to another world.

Next on his list of creative disciplines to crack is NFTs. Since last year, he slowly releases works that exist digitally. With her track record of elegant progression from skateboarding and graffiti, to fine art and stained glass, we have no doubt that her endeavors in the digital realm will be just as successful.


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