Artist Creates Stunning Sculpture From WWII Rubble


A Liverpool artist has made an unusual sculpture from WWII rubble.

Anfield’s Harry Maddox was inspired to create artwork using the natural landscape five years ago. Unlike other artists, Harry’s expertise lies not in watercolors or drawing but in creating pieces by balancing rocks on a fine point.

For one of his latest creations, Harry built a ‘Moongate’, a free-standing heart-shaped structure using rubble washed up from World War II on Crosby Beach. Liverpool was heavily bombarded during the Blitz and the rubble is believed to have been carried to the beach for use in sea defences.

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Speaking to ECHO, he said: “There are a few places around Liverpool and the Wirral that have clean rocks. So Crosby beach is one of the places I go to when I have a few minutes after the work.

“You’d be surprised how difficult it is. The slightest wind will knock it down. Because of the Yorkshire stone rocks there, the masonry and the old pieces of stone that have been worn away by the sea, they have the right shape to strike the right balance.”

In 2020, an archeology student named Emma Marsh discovered this historic treasure. Among the rubble, Emma found fragments of headstones, Victorian fireplaces and ceramics dating from the Georgian period.

Harry, a master of his craft, won the European Rock Balancing Championships last year, the 62-year-old said: “It’s about getting people to the beach and having a hobby that costs nothing. You’d be amazed at how much fun you actually get from it.

“There’s a whole community of idiots like me who like to swing rocks.”

More of Harry’s artwork can be found here.


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