Artist to destroy paintings in Nelson to create new artwork for charity


James Carter, a student at Nelson and Colne College, will then auction off the NFTs of the original paintings and donate the proceeds to the charity Team Trees.

He said: “The idea behind this project is to promote the use of environmentally friendly materials and to encourage individuals to make changes in their daily lives that will not only help the world and the environment, but will also teach people how to save money. make these changes.

“I will have four original oil paintings in A2 size which are recreations of an old photograph of the Nelson Canal showing a time before we farmed the land, with animals roaming free.

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James Carter

“Another will show a moment from the Industrial Revolution, as well as a variant of what will happen if we continue to make no changes where loads of pollution and plastic are scattered everywhere.

“Another variation shows what will happen if we make a change to help the environment – clean skies, beautiful trees and the return of animals.

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“These paintings are going to go through a tree crusher downtown. I want to attract the community for this experience, because the people who come to see the works will be the only ones to see these works in person.

“Once the works are shredded, I will put the remains in epoxy resin (which will demonstrate a way of recycling and “reimagining”). This will create a whole new piece of art. The destruction of these works will also be broadcast live on YouTube to a wider audience.

“Along with this I have written and published a book called ‘Time To Make The Change’ which focuses on teaching people how they can make a change to help the environment and future generations, as well as how they can save money by implementing what I wrote about.

“It teaches people that they don’t just need to rely on big companies and countries to make a change, like if more people make the changes I’ve been talking about, we can have one of the impacts most important to help the environment.”


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