Artist Urs Fischer posts digital sculpture NFTs on MakersPlace


Urs Fischer will auction the next five digital sculptors from his Chaos Collection on MakersPlace. Established as a premier marketplace for genuine digital assets, MakersPlace will host the auction tomorrow at 6:30 PM EST. Tomorrow’s auction will consist of parts 116-120 and will end the next day at 6:30 after 24h.

The Chaos Collection
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The digital chaos of Urs Fischer

The Chaos collection will consist of 1,000 objects that will form 500 creations. After which, each design will begin to come together to create a mind-blowing end result. While contemporary art comes in many forms, Urs Fischer’s pieces evoke a distinctive state of darkness. However, you may find yourself stuck watching his creations twist and turn.

Born in Switzerland, Urs Fischer had a passion for art since he was a young boy admiring works of art in London museums. Now based in New York, Fischer’s works have been exhibited worldwide in leading galleries from London to Los Angeles. Now, with his latest release, his unique digital artwork will live on through the blockchain.

“The auction of Urs Fischer’s CHAOS collection on MakersPlace represents a critical moment for NFTs. Establishing them firmly at the forefront of experiential art. The digital economy enabled by NFTs has democratized access to and ownership of art and revolutionized the methods of supporting creators. – Craig Palmer CEO of MakersPlace

MakersPlace was launched in 2018 and quickly rose to fame for its high value auctions. As the first NFT marketplace to accept crypto and USD payments, MakerPlace has brought NFTs to the global stage through sheer accessibility. While most of the world remains in the dark on NFTs, times like these show that digital assets are becoming mainstream.

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