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Prayagraj: The murals and artwork, which have been painted and installed to enhance the beauty of Sangam town in the run-up to Kumbh-2019, would be taken care of by an expert agency. These murals and works of art had appeared on various roads and crossings in the city, but remained neglected with dust, partial damage and faded paint telling a sad tale.
However, now the Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) has launched efforts to repair and maintain murals, sculptures and other artwork put up in 60 prominent locations in the city.
PDA has started looking for an agency that will repair and maintain these artistic creations over the next five years, including the vital period of Mahakumbh-2025.
“The Prayagraj Development Authority had solicited electronic bids and the technical bids were opened on December 14 with technical presentations held in the PDA meeting room starting at 11:30 am,” said PDA vice president Arvind. Kumar Chauhan.
“Now a second round of presentation is planned. The aim of the exercise is to maintain the aesthetic value of all 60 spots in Prayagraj, thus contributing to the beautification of the city, ”added Chauhan.
The selected company will undertake regular maintenance and periodic renovation work in order to maintain the murals, sculptures or similar works of art at the 60 predefined locations.
The company will also undertake structural repairs and deal with leaks and maintain the hearth fires (electrical equipment) and railings where these creations have been installed, he added.
His additional responsibility will be to maintain and care for the plants / saplings in the green area around the crossing.
As Kumbh’19 approaches, Prayagraj has had a makeover. A new airport terminal saw the light of day a few days before the start of the mega religious fair.
Then murals had appeared on the walls along the streets, on the pillars of flyovers and bridges, and even on tree trunks across the city, depicting Ramayana and Mahabharata events with a favorite theme for these. murals.
At each main passage, large statues and a few art installations were erected on the theme “Spiritual, cultural, religious and mythological aspects of Kumbh and the other rich heritage of Uttar Pradesh”.



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