Balenciaga Runner Sneaker Sculpture cannot be worn


Balenciaga isn’t exactly affordable, but it’s becoming a favorite of many sneakerheads, especially as the luxury fashion house has been making more waves in recent years. Despite the pandemic, it has some great items that are in high demand and selling out fast.

There is something about this brand even if sometimes we do not understand the design. Well, that’s the beauty of fashion and we don’t really need to understand the avant-garde.

New version of the Balenciaga Runner sneakers

After last year’s Balenciaga Runner Sneaker, here’s a fresher version: a Balenciaga Runner Sneaker Sculpture. No wait, it’s not something you can wear because it’s really just a sculpture.

Indeed, it is a work of art. The Balenciaga Runner Sneaker Sculpture is made simply to be admired. As if the Balenciaga Runner sneakers weren’t already admirable, the French luxury house had to make a copy of a Runner in size EU 42.

Balenciaga Runner Sculpture Design Trainers

Balenciaga Runner Sneaker Sculpture Price

The Balenciaga sculpture is made of glazed porcelain ceramic. It’s inflexible so don’t try to wear it. It weighs 1.4 kg. Only 20 pieces of Balenciaga Runner Sneaker Sculpture are available.

This is a limited edition, so don’t be surprised if the price is over $7,000. You can only buy them in selected Balenciaga stores in different markets: Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Dubai, Tokyo, Beverly Hills, Monaco and London.

Each is hand sculpted, heated and then painted. The worn details are intentional and painted with the Italian Majolica technique to achieve such a look. The sneaker’s sculpt looks exactly like the Balenciaga Runner Sneaker with its sporty layered textures, exposed stitching and distressed fabric edges.


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