Benalla Art Gallery explores the human figure


Interactive: The human figure the exhibition at the Benalla Art Gallery is open. Photo by contribution

Benalla Art Gallery presents a new exhibition from its collection, examining the ways in which artists have depicted the human figure.

Presented at the Simpson Gallery, the exhibition includes historic and contemporary works by a host of acclaimed artists.

These include Brook Andrew, George Bell, Bernard Boles, John Brack, Fiona Foley, Norman Lindsay, Josephine Muntz-Adams, Patricia Piccinini and Marie Tuck.

Gallery director Eric Nash said the exhibition features paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and digital prints, exploring how artists have depicted the human figure through time.

“A lot of this work is of anatomical interest, showing how the human body behaves at rest and in motion,” Nash said.

“On another level, these works highlight changing social norms, such as fashion trends and approaches to self-representation.

“The inclusion of historical and contemporary works also underscores a broadening of artistic style and intent when depicting another body.”

The exhibition features an interactive element with a self-service drawing station.

Visitors are invited to draw inspiration from the figure studies on display and use the provided drawing materials to produce their own figure study of Dean Bowen’s bronze sculpture, airplane boy.

The human figure is on display at the Simpson Gallery until Sunday, April 10


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