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Tribune press service

Shimla, June 2

The artwork of the Bhima Kali, Sarahan temple presented to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur at the rally venue on The Ridge on Tuesday was sketched by Sanyogita Thakur, a fine arts student from Shimla.

Sanyogita hails from the village of Punder in the Theog subdivision of Shimla. She did Class XII of Government Main Secondary School in Deha Balson, graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru Fine Arts College, Chaura Maidan and MA Fine Arts (Miniature Pahari) from Himachal Pradesh University (HPU). Currently, she is self-employed and working on a doctorate. His father is an apple farmer and his mother a housewife.

“At first, painting was a hobby for me, but now it’s my passion. I want to promote and represent the Himachali pahari culture through my art and paintings nationally and internationally,” says Sanyogita, who has drawn sketches of several state heritage buildings and temples. “It’s inspiring and motivating to have the chance to make a sketch that will be presented to the Prime Minister,” she says.

The artwork was enclosed between brightly colored hand-woven Kinnauri Patti and the colors used on the shawls represented five elements; green means air, blue ether, white water, yellow earth while red represents fire. This combination represents a mixture of spirituality, truth and transcendental wisdom which gives a certain religious and aesthetic value to the shawls. A single piece can take up to 45 days to be woven.

The artwork was conceptualized and commissioned by HP State Handicrafts and Handloom Corporation Ltd, which involves students and artists from diverse arts and crafts backgrounds to create a variety of innovative product options while providing a platform for them to present and sell their creations.

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