‘Boris The Bold’ cartoon is on sale at Dublin Art Gallery


A top The Irish cartoonist unveiled a hilarious portrayal of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a baby.

The cartoon, titled “Boris the Bold”, shows the British Prime Minister naked with a sheet covering his * ahem * little Boris, wielding a medieval mace in one hand and a bottle of Beefeater gin with a bottle nipple in the other.

The painting, which can be purchased in printed form for € 25, was created by Balla Bán artist Ray Sherlock, known for his hilarious caricatures of famous people such as Leo Varadkar, Donald Trump and Brendan Grace.

A caricature of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was on display in an art gallery in Dublin. Photo: Frank O’Dea

The Boris the Bold cartoon comes after Prime Minister Johnson came under increased pressure from the fallout from an alleged Christmas party that could have taken place as the City of London was under ‘level 4’ restrictions – n ‘Allowing no mixing of households.

Mr Johnson’s press secretary Allegra Stratton joked about whether or not the Christmas party took place with ITV reporters. When images of Ms Stratton and reporters aired earlier in December, Ms Stratton tearfully announced her resignation as Mr Johnson’s press secretary.

Several other parties were said to have taken place in Downing Street this past Christmas, including a party at Mr Johnson’s apartment and a virtual Zoom quiz which showed Mr Johnson and his staff drinking.

Allegra Stratton
Former press secretary Allegra Stratton was seen joking and laughing with the press after party allegations surfaced. Photo: ITV

‘Boris the Bold’ caricature prints are on display in a Dublin art gallery following news that the UK Prime Minister is under renewed pressure to answer questions about the alleged rallies at Number 10 Downing Street as the lockdown restrictions on meeting other people were still in place, ‘said Frank O’Dea, director of Balla Bán Art Studio.

Posters by Dublin artist Ray Sherlock sell for € 25 and are popular with Christmas shoppers.

Boris the Bold
Frank O’Dea, director of the Balla Bán art studio in Dublin, hangs the cartoon ‘Boris the Bold’. Photo: Frank O’Dea

The prints, along with other prints and paintings by the artists in the studio, can be purchased at the Balla Bán Art Gallery in Westbury Mall, Clarendon Street, Dublin 2, or on their website.


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