Bowen Island art gallery sees scrolls changing, artists added


We wish you all a new year full of inspiration and creativity! Starting the year with many challenges still on our plate, we look forward to celebrating victories and renewing our hopes for a brighter future. The support from our local community and online patrons has been incredible and heartwarming and we are consistently delighted with the response from our visitors to the gallery.

There will undoubtedly be some changes for the coming year and one of them is that Thiago Ramirez has stepped down as co-owner of Catching Stars, but the good news is that he will stay on as a partner and his vibrant photographic prints will continue to be available to add to your collection. We will miss his many contributions behind the scenes of the gallery’s operation and we wish him the best in his exciting endeavours. We will be eagerly following his incredible projects and crazy adventures!

“After almost three years with this amazing team/family at Catching Stars, I have now decided it’s time to get back out there! It’s time for me to enjoy all the amazing times and experiences that I have. have lived with all of these amazing artists who are part of this family and to spread its good energy through my new creations!In my film projects, my photography work, my skydiving adventures or whatever I go for, the Being here and being with all of you has definitely set me up for a future of great achievement! And hey, I’m still here as a partner, so don’t forget to come say hello! Ramirez.

Our gallery now boasts over 50 different artists, who continue to amaze with the level of creativity and expertise in the many varieties of mediums available – locally created jewelry, mixed media wall art, textiles, limited edition, fine oil paintings, stone and bronze sculptures, and much more!

Last year we welcomed several new artists to the Catching Stars family and we will be introducing more in the months to come.

Receiving funds to improve our online store has allowed us to expand beyond the shores of Bowen Island and we are so grateful to everyone who has used this service to send their love across miles.

Every day you have the opportunity to meet one of our associate members who are local artists and as a cooperative, their contributions allow us to keep our doors open on a daily basis. The past year has been challenging on many levels for local businesses and we are so grateful to these committed artists who contribute to the many stages of running a small business!

Happy New Year everyone and I wish you a creative and inspiring 2022!


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