Bowling Green artist donates proceeds to Ukraine – Reuters


BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- A Bowling Green artist’s work helps people thousands of miles away.

100% of proceeds from Vivienne Strauss’ artwork will help Ukraine as the war continues.

“Instead of doing nothing, I decided to do something. And I will continue to do so,” Strauss said.

Her painting, Klara with Sunflowers, depicts a grandmother with sunflowers in the background, the national flower of Ukraine. You can also purchase the painting as note cards or prints

And not only are the people of Bowling Green buying his works, but his efforts are being heard across the country. A South Carolina woman bought a painting by Klara for $300.

“I’ve never been able to give someone three hundred dollars. And that’s what the wife paid for this painting. She sent it to me and I immediately sent it to Ukraine and I was like wow, I was never able to do that,” Strauss said.

“A visual can say a lot and a picture is worth a thousand words,” said Patty Kelley, the South Carolina woman who purchased the painting.

Kelley said she’s been a fan of Strauss’ work for years and wants to help Ukraine in any way she can.

“I believe every little bit helps and however anyone can add an element to that effort, it’s beyond anything I can imagine,” Kelley said.

Strauss hopes what she is doing encourages others to give back to Ukraine and educate them about the ongoing conflict.

“Small acts of kindness add up, don’t be discouraged from donating, I believe every little bit counts,” Strauss said.

To buy his painting and help Ukraine, click here.


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