Cardiff pupils help Redrow design a local sculpture trail


120 pupils from Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School and Llysfaen Primary School in Cardiff worked with artist David Mackie to develop a public art program that celebrates the diversity of their local wildlife.

Using biodiversity as a theme, the pupils have created a series of designs for a new sculpture trail that will surround the Redrow Houses at Churchlands in Lisvane, Cardiff. Slated for construction in fall 2022, the pathway through public open spaces will include a combination of sculptures, seating and signage as well as guardrails, bollards and lighting.

David Mackie said: “Recognizing everyday nature close to home and feeling an emotional connection to our natural surroundings brings a range of benefits. It contributes to our own well-being and also to the protection of our environment and its biodiversity.

“Redrow takes great pride in building homes around nature to help create a better way to live; placing art in a public space that adds value to a development and reinforces a sense of place for all users. Drawings by local pupils will now be used to develop an inspiring and educational sculpture trail that will help give the development of Churchlands its own identity.

Vicky Monkley is Head of Arts at Corpus Christi Catholic High School. She said, “Our students really enjoyed this project. It has helped them engage with biodiversity and contribute to the local community in a meaningful way that encourages them to connect with wildlife. They are all eager to see their ideas come to life.

Redrow’s technical director in South Wales, Reuben Cooke, said: “Designing spaces for nature to thrive and for people to experience and learn is essential for us. That’s why we go above and beyond to conserve and enhance the natural environments around our developments, like here at Churchlands. It’s all part of how we create a better way to live by growing thriving communities, building responsibly and valuing people.

“We are thrilled with the creative and imaginative designs the students have created through their work with David and look forward to showcasing their ideas over the coming months.”


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