Changes from the Amsterdam-based online art gallery “Art By Maudsch”


Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Jan. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause major problems for artists, art galleries and museums around the world. Lockdowns and restrictions are for many independent and emerging artists a huge obstacle to the presentation and distribution of their works. Also, art lovers could not visit galleries or art auctions to acquire genuine handmade works of art.

This is where Art by Maudsch comes in; an online art gallery where you can buy handmade paintings painted by professional artists around the world at fair and affordable prices. This way, artists have a platform to exhibit their latest works and people can browse all kinds of spectacular artworks from the comfort of their homes.

Because in addition to (oversized) abstract paintings, realistic paintings and portraits, Art by Maudsch also offers a variety of oversized canvas art and large landscape paintings. Their user-friendly website gives you a clear overview of all their different artworks, while simultaneously providing you with plenty of photo prints and even close-up photos of their paintings. These photos make it easier for the customer to see if a particular paint is suitable for their own interior!

But what if you like a painting but want to make some adjustments first to make it better fit your interior? It’s not a problem at all. With Art by Maudsch you are in direct contact with the artists themselves and can therefore easily request personal adjustments. In fact, you can even ask them for a video or photo review of your commissioned painting. Then, only when you give your approval, it will be sent to you at no cost!

Just like the fact that great art must be preserved at all costs, Art by Maudsch believes that mother nature must also be preserved! This is why, thanks to a collaboration with One Tree Planted, Art by Maudsch plants a tree in the world for each painting ordered. In this way, they minimize their impact on the environment and reduce their ecological footprint. Also using sustainable and organic canvases, Art by Maudsch does what it can, helping the world become a more sustainable and picturesque place.

Amsterdam-based online art gallery Modern Paintings is changing the way people buy art.

From huge and beautiful canvas sets to subtle little portraits, Art by Maudsch has something to offer for any empty wall in your home! All paintings are handmade with love, care and lots of attention to detail. With excellent 24/7 international customer service – always there to help – start your journey to your very own handmade work of art, at Art by Maudsch, now!



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