College art will be displayed in the local church art gallery | News


ENID, Oklahoma— Finding ways to appreciate art of all types is important to Gary Spruill and Margaret Moss – especially student art.

Spruill, an art teacher at Emerson Middle School, and Moss, an art connoisseur, decided to choose some of his students’ art for display in the gallery at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church. .

Vicky Coffman, an art teacher at Waller Middle School and a member of St. Matthew’s, then picked her favorite piece in each category.

Moss said she usually changes the art in her church’s gallery once a month.

A few students will receive old Irish coins, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, as a reward for their work. CC Coins and Collectables donated the coins.

The students created several different paintings with string and paint, shaving cream and paint, inkblots and doodles. They also used pastels to create “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.

A former art student and current artist, Moss, a member of St. Matthew’s for 22 years, has a deep appreciation for art. St. Matthew’s is covered in various works of art, from portraits of priests to stained glass, murals, tapestry and paintings, many of which are very familiar to Moss.

Moss currently has three works of his own hanging on the gallery wall.


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