Composed of thin sheets of glass, the illusory sculptures superimpose fantastic paintings in 3D shapes



#glass #painting #sculpture #video

20 December 2021

Grace Ebert

All images by Norbert Heyl, © Wilfried Grootens, shared with permission

German artist Wilfried Grootens (previously) hangs vibrant, textured paintings evoking tiny organisms, bacteria and other microscopic creatures in elegant glass sculptures. He renders geometric lines and shapes on dozens of thin panes that, when pressed together into a larger composite, produce the appearance of three-dimensional shapes encased in the transparent material. The resulting works are striking illusions that transform into different creatures from another world depending on the viewers’ point of view, sometimes disappearing entirely depending on the angle. “It is these paintings in their special layered space that create a world in itself, quite distinct from the reality outside,” the artist told Colossal.

Grootens’ flawlessly precise sculptures will be exhibited at the Habatat Galleries in January and April. Until then, see more of his works on his site.

#glass #painting #sculpture #video

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