Dad quits his job as a mechanic after amazing neighbors with amazing snow paintings of Christmas movie scenes


A father painted incredible scenes from Christmas movies on the windows of his home in Wigan – and it amazed people across the country.

Scott Wilcock, 34, quit his job as a mechanic to devote himself to full-time art during the pandemic after the overwhelming reaction he received from his snow spray paintings and airbrush art .

This Christmas, he wowed his neighbors with murals of the classics Home Alone and Miracle on 34th Street, and he’s now painting Will Ferrel after the children’s favorite elf.

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Scott quit his 17-year-old job in 2020 after being inundated with requests from people asking him to paint in their home.

It started as a hobby four years ago, where Scott spent his evenings exploring the artistic medium.

“My wife was so impressed that she took a photo of my first half-finished piece and posted it on Facebook,” Scott said.

“People then started asking how much to do their house. It was a shock to me because I hadn’t even finished a window.

Scott with his Home Alone scene created with snow spray

“After realizing I could make a small deal out of it, I spent every night after work experimenting with snow spray and creating a portfolio. “

After the lockdown was over, Scott took on the challenge of airbrushing portraits at his local gym while on leave for six weeks.

It was something he had never tried before, but after sharing photos he became so in demand for commissions that he gave up his career.

“I had never used an airbrush to do this before or even researched, felt like I could do it so I gave it a go,” Scott said.

Since starting his business – Snow Graffiti – the father of two has spent the first nine months of the year traveling across the UK painting portraits or full scenes in shops, restaurants, gyms and even “man caves”, including a Marcus Rashford mural on a school wall in Wigan.

Father-of-two pays tribute to classic movie Miracle on 34th Street

Scott then spent the last few months decorating the windows with spray snow, including for Halloween and the magical Christmas window displays.

He was even commissioned by a company abroad to advertise his brand.

But for the past three years, Scott has worked on highly detailed scenes on the windows of his own family home, including a mural from the hit sitcom Friends.

His wife Melissa chooses the theme, and then he sets out to create it, which takes him about a full day per scene.

“We have all kinds of different scenes, the Friends last the longest.

Scott has now started work on portraying Will Ferrell as Elf

“The neighbors are used to seeing them and always compliment them. “

As a kid in school Scott had always dreamed of being an artist but was advised not to make a career out of it because they said he was unlikely to get the grades. necessary to enter college, he said.

“I ended up getting the grades,” he said. “But I still feel like I took the right path because all of my art is self-taught.

“I use a different method in my art that I’ve never seen done before, so I think it’s a blessing to do it my way.”

However, he encouraged his young daughters to be creative and said his eight and five-year-olds could paint scenes with sprayed snow.

Her work captivated families across the country after posting her work online

His oldest even filmed his own tutorial on how to create a snowman image, and his youngest designed a window which he used for a client.

Scott has also shared his own online tutorials for families to follow.

“They had such an incredible response,” he continued.

“’I’ve had so many pictures of attempts and lovely messages thanking me from parents who made their kids proud by creating scenes themselves by following my videos.”

After sharing photos of his home Christmas display with the DIY On A Budget Facebook group on Wednesday, it went viral within hours.

The post had over 38,000 likes and over 4,000 comments, with page members commenting on how “amazing” they are.

Kayli Ann Ann replied: “What a talent this is amazing” while Sian Addiscott asked: “This is absolutely amazing !!! Please come and do my windows next Christmas !!!”

Elisha Myers said: “I have never seen such talent, it is the most incredible work I have ever seen”.

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