Disability charity Gloucestershire National Star is holding a silent auction featuring paintings from Tivoli


National Star, the Gloucestershire disability charity, hopes art lovers will flock to take part in a silent auction of two paintings created by Gloucestershire artist Frances Browne.

The paintings were originally commissioned by a local business who later decided to donate the artwork to help raise funds for National Star.

The first canvas, which measures 152cm wide by 122cm high, depicts the parade of shops along Andover Road, Cheltenham, including the former Tivoli Butchers, Tivoli Wines, Maison Chaplais and the Tivoli pub.

The second, which measures 91cm wide and 152cm high, depicts the historic Tivoli lamp, with its distinctive ceramic base, which stands at the junction of Andover Road and the A40.

The Tivoli Shop mounting paint has a reserve of £500 and the Tivoli lamp paint has a reserve of £400. The silent auction will run from January 24 to February 24.

National Star’s fundraising was hit hard by the coronavirus last year. However, the charity, which supports young adults with complex disabilities, hopes that with the help of the silent auction and its first-ever National Star Sunrise Walk in Ullenwood on April 3, 2022, it will recover essential funds. .

To place your bid for the Silent Art Auction and to view high-quality photographs of the paintings, visit the National Star website.


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