Dog Ear’s sustainable works of art are the future


A WESTCLIFF-based artist duo have just started an innovative business creating dog artwork.

Artists Emma Edmondson and Lou Williams are the co-founders of Dog Ear, a company combining their love for their dogs – Border Collie Wolf and Shih Tzu Poly, named after XRay Spex singer – and art, to create sculptures for the set of dogs with associated writing. for humans to read.

Project born out of lockdown, Lu Williams, 28, says the joy of walking Leigh and Chalkwell’s beach, coupled with the realization that they could extend the reach of their own sculptures, was the starting point in a dog’s ear: “Sustainability is key to the works, we make the most of durable and dog-friendly materials, such as Woolcol, but with a view that they are also works of art.

“So we could question the value and accessibility of artworks for everyone, while recognizing that they inevitably deteriorate over time, something we have also prepared for by offering a repair service. “

Part art, part practicality, these dog toys elevate the usual status of dog gear in an aesthetic that keeps an eye on the beauty of decay and dissolution while emphasizing the durability and recyclability.

The duo adds, “We believe that everyone should have the chance to experience, own and enjoy art, whether on a shelf or in a dog’s mouth.

“Dog Ear products encourage creativity, play, mental well-being and critical thinking. We want to change the way contemporary art is experienced, moving out of the traditional gallery and bringing art into homes.

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