East Yorkshire artist Eleanor Tomlinson ‘overwhelmed’ after Queen artwork goes viral


East Yorkshire artist Eleanor Tomlinson appeared on BBC Breakfast after going viral for her artwork ‘Jubilee Ma’amalade Tea’, which has been shared thousands of times, flooding her with orders .

Following the virality of the work, the young artist posted a message of love on her social networks in which she tells her subscribers how much she is “overwhelmed” by the support and wishes to thank everyone “a big thank you”. She also thanked the public and everyone who received emails for their patience as she received tens of thousands of messages.

Taking inspiration from the heartwarming video of the Queen with Paddington Bear at the Palace Party, Eleanor was inspired by the meeting of the two British icons.

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“It was just supposed to be a social media post but it got a little crazy from there,” Eleanor enthusiastically told BBC Breakfast this morning, adding that she had received over 25,000 e emails, ranging from people asking if they could have one to people sharing their love for the artwork.

She added: “To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement.” The artist also mentioned that she had to enlist other family members to help her skyrocket sales and emails.

Paddington actor Hugh Bonneville also tweeted his appreciation for Eleanor’s loving drawing saying “love this artwork” and tagged Eleanor’s Twitter page.

The artwork has received a lot of love from the public, with many tweets explaining how “magnificent” and “beautiful” the design is. Some even said it “brought a tear” to their eyes.

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