First art exhibition in space: Chinese astronauts display children’s paintings during space-to-ground conversation


The Shenzhou-13 crew who lived and worked on the Chinese space station on Saturday, the first day of 2022, exhibited paintings of children across the country at an event where they spoke with student representatives. from Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao by video link.

The paintings are the work of young students from 11 provinces and regions in central and western China, including Xizang and Xinjiang, the Global Times of the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) learned on Saturday.

The paintings carry not only the best wishes of the young students to the three taikonauts, but also their dreams of space, their innocent space dreams and their longing for knowledge.

A fourth-grader from Hunan Province (central China) painted his imaginary scene in which aliens from Mars come to visit his hometown in Shibadong village. Behind the works lie the proud feelings of the young child, claiming that “my hometown was once a poor neighborhood. But thanks to precise poverty reduction, people here are enjoying a much better life.

Likewise, a student from China’s Xizang Autonomous Region also described foreigners visiting his hometown where living standards have been improved thanks to the country’s anti-poverty campaign.


In fact, during the launch of the Tianzhou-3 cargo spacecraft and the Shenzhou-13 manned spacecraft in September and October 2021, many representatives of students and professors from said regions visited the Wenchang spaceport and the center of Jiuquan launch to witness breathtaking moments. on the spot.

Just before the launch of the Shenzhou-13 space flight mission and during a face-to-face press conference with the taiknonaut on October 14, 2021, a little girl from Xinjiang told Wang Yaping, a female taikonaut who was on the point of embarking on space travel, that “The children prepared ‘mysterious gifts’ for the crew and these gifts were sent to the space station. We hope you like them.

Two months later, the three taikonauts unwrapped these gifts on the first day of 2022 and displayed them at Saturday’s event.

According to CMSA, such a ceremonial decision is to inspire more to follow their dreams of space pursuit than space dreams.

According to the CMSA, this “maintenance between the youth and the starry space” event will take place throughout the construction and operation of the Chinese Space Station, in a manner consistent with the major missions, in order to take full advantage made use of the special advantages of the manned space project to promote patriotism, boost people’s morale and strengthen China’s independence.

It will also help spread the spiritual fire by looking at the stars and flying in the sky to pursue dreams in the hearts of young people, inspiring enthusiasm to advance the spirit of space flights and dedicate themselves to the aerospace industry, the agency said.


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