For the glory! Kinetic Sculpture Race


For the glory! [Photos by Patrick Rutherford]

Kinetic Universe Press Release:

Kinetic Universe is proud to announce the return of the grand in-person Kinetic Championship for 2022. Come see human-powered art vehicles race across land, sand and water. The race will take place over Memorial Day weekend, May 28-30. Media are welcome and interviews can be arranged before and during the race.

As in previous years, the race will start on Saturday at noon, in Arcata Plaza. Arrive early to see the machines up close before the madness begins. Additional spectator information on locations and times for the best views can be found here:

Please note that there are a few changes to keep in mind:

1. There will be no Super Secret Afterparty at Halvorsen Park. The machines will still finish on Day 1 at Halvorsen, and the public is welcome to come and see the damage, but we won’t be having our typical beer garden or festivities. Expect that to return in 2023.
2. The finish line in Ferndale opens at 1 p.m., rather than noon, on Monday May 30.
3. Look for the KGC 2022 Spectator Guide in the North Coast Journal the week before the race.
4. KRFH 105.1 will have live Kinetic coverage all weekend!
5. Kinetic Universe strongly encourages spectators to wear masks while encouraging runners in crowded areas.

It’s the first year back for the Kinetic Grand Championship since 2019, and the Kinetic community has come out strong. More than 38 teams, big and small, signed up to run. “We can’t wait to see what glorious surprises the runners have in store for us this year,” said Jennifer Thelander, Kinetic Universe Board Member and Rutabaga Queen. “After two years without a race, we are incredibly excited to get back to that starting line at Arcata Plaza.”

You can support the Kinetic Grand Championship by purchasing merchandise at the Merchandise Tent during race weekend or by donating at

If you would like to volunteer for the race, you can visit for more information, or leave a message for Volunteer Coordinator Cody at (707) 267-7483.

 [Photos by Patrick Rutherford]    Rainbow zebra Kinetic Race For Glory!

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