Frames For You suddenly closes: customers want their money and artwork back


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Frames For You, a photo frame store located at 136 West 72nd Street, appears to have closed during the holiday season. And some former customers claim that the owner closed his doors without warning … while he was still in possession of their artwork and their money.

Frustrated customers communicated (and posted negative reviews) on Bark, where the company describes itself as “a local bespoke framing business located in Manhattan’s Upper West Side for over forty years.”

Ten consecutive 1-star reviews fill the first page of the closed business. The first complaint came on December 21, 2021, when a customer claims they left a 50% deposit to soon find the store closed and all of their upcoming calls and emails ignored.

The second complaint, published on December 31, 2021, makes a different but possibly related claim. “The store owner didn’t pay his employees for more than a month’s work,” the Yelp user wrote. “Fired them just before the holidays without any notification and did not allow them to inform customers of the store situation. The store owner must take responsibility for the amount of work that she has stolen from her customers and employees.

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The complaints that followed echo the first, with several people claiming to have lost significant deposits without any communication from the owner.

A to look for on the Department of State’s Division of Corporations indicates that an initial filing was made for Frames For You NY, LLC in March 2018. As the company has been in existence since 1978 (per, which still appears to be active), it is likely to be the date that a new owner took over the store. Although no name is displayed, the registered owner’s address is at 201 East 80th Street, an upscale building also known as the Richmond Condominium.

We have contacted Frames For You by phone and email and will provide you with an update if and when we have one.

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