Friendship sculpture rescued from rubble after Fox Elementary fire


RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – Inside Clark Springs Elementary School, students at Fox Elementary School may notice a familiar piece of art inside their temporary schoolhouse.

The “Friendship” sculpture is anchored inside the school, sharing decades of memories since its inception in the 1980s.

“These portraits on the ship and the children standing were done by school children under the tutelage of Jack Glover,” said Paul DiPasquale, a local artist. “He was artist-in-residence hired by Barbara Gray, who was manager at the time.”

DiPasquale knows the story behind the sculpture and said Glover and Gray dragged him into projects at Fox and other schools.

“That kind of thing where kids’ art is recognizable to other kids like kids’ art builds self-confidence,” DiPasquale said. “The story of this ship, because it has always been in the hall, is significant for generations of people, including me.”

This sculpture was inside Fox Elementary School when flames ripped through the building in February, but the sculpture survived the flames and was rescued from the rubble.

The ship was cleaned up and transported to Clark Springs Elementary School using insurance money. With the sculpture in place, DiPasquale hopes this piece will make a difference for the Fox family at their temporary school.

“It’s really lovely to see him back here,” DiPasquale said.

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