Handicrafts, children’s paintings on sale at Gita Mahotsav: La Tribune India


Nitish Sharma

Tribune press service

Kurukshetra, December 10

For the first time, paintings and handicrafts prepared by children living in childcare institutions (CCIs), observation houses and women of Nari Niketan in 11 districts of the state were brought and put on sale at the International Gita Mahotsav.

According to reports, nearly 450 items ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 10,000 have been put up for sale. The booth was set up by the Department of Women and Children’s Development, Haryana.

Handicrafts, paintings, sketches, woolen clothes, cushions, flower pots and other items prepared by children attracted many buyers. According to the department, various items worth over Rs 18,000 have already been sold so far, and some buyers have also requested more products.

The items were collected from Yamunanagar, Karnal, Kurukshetra, Ambala, Sonepat, Jhajjar, Jind, Rewari, Panipat, Faridabad and Panchkula.

A team of eight officials from three districts such as Kurukshetra, Karnal and Yamunanagar was deployed for stand management and sales.

District Child Protection Officer Karnal Reena said: “The items prepared by the children were brought in for the first time and we received a good response. The youngest child whose painting is brought is only 5 years old. A record of each item sold is kept and the amount of the item will be deposited into the account of the child who created it.

The protection officer, Karnal, Suman, said: “The children of the CCIs are very talented and intelligent. Since the children are not there, when someone buys an item, we get their photo with the item and send it to the CCI manager and the child is notified. The children are very happy and they have started to prepare more items.

Gurpreet Singh, working as a social worker, said that in addition to childcare institutions, crafts and paintings prepared by young people in observation houses and women in Nari Niketan were also brought.

The co-director of the Department of Women and Children’s Development, Raj Bala Kataria, said: “The department used to set up its booth at different exhibitions and visitors appreciated the talent, so we decided to set up a stand at the mahotsav. The aim of the initiative is to build children’s confidence and provide their art with a platform for them to also start their own business after leaving CCIs.


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