High school students submit artwork at Augustana Art Contest


SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — High school students have the chance to display their artwork in a professional gallery.

This student is Ella Ratliff from Lincoln High School and she says she is thrilled with the opportunity.

Creating art has been Ella Ratliff’s passion for as long as she can remember. Now she shares her talents with the community through the Augustana High School Invitational.

“It’s actually my first one that I’ve submitted and it’s called ‘Insight into Ella’, and it’s kind of about how I started drawing and how my journey has progressed since, so it’s kind of a look back at myself through those old drawings to see where I came from and where I am now,” Ratliff said.

Ratliff exhibits two more pieces, one showing the challenges children face when returning to school after the pandemic. The other shows how she doesn’t always fit in among her friends. Each teacher was only able to choose three pieces for the gallery, so having three pieces of her own work is a great honor.

“I love putting my art on there just for other people to look at it and say hey, that’s pretty good. I think it’s also a good display because I’m not the more outgoing, so it’s really good to get out and get out of my comfort zone,” Ratliff said.

Allow students to present their works on a larger scale.

“Sometimes it will be the first time they’ve been to a gallery before, so it’s fabulous to see them bring their friends and relatives and have this honor,” said Sarah Winterscheidt, art teacher at Lincoln High School.

“You know it’s a professional gallery, it’s a great experience for them because a lot of people know it, a lot of people from the community like to come and see what’s happening in high schools and they let you know about the exhibition view of their work and that’s always good for an artist,” said John Peters, gallery coordinator.

There are works of art featured at 16 different schools across the state. If you are interested in checking out the gallery, it is located in the Augustana University Visual Arts Center.

The gallery is open to the public and free. Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Customers must wear face masks and adhere to physical distancing requirements.


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