Huffman ISD shows off talented rodeo artwork


Huffman ISD held its ‘Boots and Bling’ art exhibit this Thursday at Huffman Elementary School, where various student-created western artworks were on display in full, before being sent to NRG Stadium for viewing. at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Students and families gathered to admire the winning works of art, which included Gold Medal winners, Best Show winners and Special Merit winners respectively. Pieces were scattered throughout the room like an exhibit, allowing viewers to walk around and observe up close.

Artists selected for the Houston Livestock Show included Cristian Meza and Alexa Conk (elementary school), Hanna Binning and Amy Trevino (middle school), Cassidy Davis, Isabella McClelland, Kiara Molina, Valeria Rebollar, Savannah Sullivan, Jeremy Rangel and Sierra Johnson (High School ).

The works on display were created by these students, consisting of two-dimensional works and three-dimensional sculptures. According to Huffman Art Liaison Victoria Parker, 11 pieces were selected for display at the cattle show from a total of 250 pieces submitted by the student body.

“We have 250 pieces,” Parker explained. “And we have local judges who come the first week of January. They selected the top 20 high school papers, the top 10 middle school papers, and the top 10 elementary papers. I went to NRG, submitted these exhibits, and those [11] pieces have been selected to appear at the Houston LiveStock Show.

According to Parker, the students had been working on their plays since October of last year. She said the purpose of the exhibition is to promote not only art, but Western culture as a whole.

As a high school teacher for Huffman ISD, Huffman’s responsibility is not only to be a conduit for Huffman ISD and the Houston Livestock Show, but also as a guiding figure for future performers. She organizes communication between Huffman ISD and various art exhibitions for the benefit of talented students.

“My experience has been great,” Parker said. “It’s sometimes difficult to balance teaching and administration, but I love it. It’s a great way to promote the arts. We’re always thinking about how we’re going to take it further, what we’re going to do so our community can see our students’ work, and how we’re going to impact the community with our art.

Besides their participation in the Houston LiveStock Show, Parker says the arts program often gives back to the community through donations to the Houston Food Bank. The experience gained through community service, as well as having their works featured in the program’s fine art auctions, are all helpful for students entering college.

“Our Huffman ISD students are amazing,” Parker said. “Our community is extremely dedicated to nurturing the arts, and we appreciate that. And that’s why we always want to give back to the community.

For those who missed the exhibition, the works can also be seen on the Huffman Visual Arts The Facebook page.


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