Illustrator looking for stolen artwork in Santa Fe


SANTA FE, NM (KRQE) — An artist’s worst nightmare, a stolen original artwork. Now she’s turning to the community for help getting them back. Gianna Marino is the New York Times best-selling illustrator of Don’t let them fade away, written by Chelsea Clinton. She remains in Santa Fe before moving to Colorado with her partner. “We had just gotten here and had a car full of stuff and we unloaded most of it,” Marino said.

Inside the car parked at West Alameda were 20 illustrations from his latest book. “I left it in there because it was safe and it was hidden behind the seat and it wasn’t going to get lost in the mess of travel.”

But after he forgot to lock his car one night, his artwork was stolen. She shares, “They are really important to me. I don’t think they’re really worth anything to anyone other than me, it’s sad they’re out there somewhere.

Marino says it’s personal. The book was written and dedicated to the artist’s mother who died years ago. “This one, of course, like most of them, was very special to me and these 20 illustrations took at least 6 months to paint.”

Waiting for mom is Marino’s 16th published book and follows the journey of the emperor penguins. “It’s really about the love and parenthood that these penguins give to their little babies,” she explains.

Marino likes to retain all of the original artwork for his books once they are published. She hopes that with the help of the community, the work will be made safe and sound. “If it’s been opened, the paintings are left on paper, so they’re not thick, they’re not on canvas, they’re just on watercolor paper, and they’re all penguins.”

Marino filed a police report and has been busy searching Santa Fe for her job. “Check with all local pawnshops, art galleries and consignment shops to just alert them that it’s stolen gear if it’s there.”

There’s a $1,000 reward for information that leads to artwork returning – no questions asked. People are encouraged to report it to the Santa Fe Police Department. You can also contact Marino at 505-312-9020.


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