Local art gallery hosts online auction to raise funds for Ukraine


MARTINEZ, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – A new effort to help Ukraine is getting national attention.

Studios 4P: Art Gallery is hosting an art auction, but the deadline for submitting works is fast approaching.

“Prayer is good, you know, wishes are good, but action is even better,” said owner Regina Brejda.

4P Studios wants you to get involved and help them publicize their online auction for Ukraine.

“Not just Augusta. Regionally, nationally, we have artists from New Jersey submitting stuff. California. So across the country. So far 13 people have signed up, and that was just calling for the art yesterday,” she said.

The sky is the limit of what you can create.

“Any work of art: three-dimensional, two-dimensional, mixed media, paintings, photography, sculpture, pottery,” she said.

Inspired by the artworks created following the Russian invasion, local artist Rachel Bingaman came up with the idea for the auction and is also submitting her work.

“I looked online, tons of people posting beautiful paintings and photos of sunflowers, which are the flower of Ukraine,” she said.

Proceeds will go to the South Carolina-based nonprofit Mission Water.

The deadline for accepting work is March 5. Provide an image, dimensions, support, and starting auction price.

The auction site will be online GalaBid around St. Patrick’s Day and will last three to four days.

“They already have a rapid intervention team on the Ukrainian border. They are there right now, handing out hot food, just assessing the situation and working with other aid organizations,” Bingaman said.

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