Luminous works of art to light up the night


AN OUTDOOR sight and sound experience will come to life and light up the night in Torquay this Saturday.

Illumination explores the transformative nature of life, the earth and the constellations beyond, honoring First Nations peoples and their ancient culture’s medium of storytelling, painting.

The metamorphosis of vibrant moving paintscapes will be projected large-scale onto one of the northern exterior walls of Wurdi Baierr Stadium in Torquay North, accompanied by a deep and driving soundscape.

Rebecca Hosking, one of the co-creators of the project with Surf Coast painters Robert Kain, Kathryn Junor and Gwyn Wise, said Illumination would bring together Surf Coast painters and sound artists with films and screenings of art to connect the community and enliven the senses.

“It really is an experience.

I’ve worked with paint, been an artist, and filmed what they create instead of working with the final product when it’s dry – it’s a liquid, so it’s liquid paint and it’s really an expression of painting, and I put that to music.”

The public will watch the screening from a large viewing area.

“With the COVID restrictions, I took all of that into consideration when planning, so there’s plenty of space for people to see it comfortably; it was important to me,” Hosking said.

Hosking said she has done several outdoor projection projects before, but none recently on the Surf Coast.

“It’s a good visual experience, it’s an experience that people in the community can participate in.

They can stay there for seven minutes, they can stay there for 20 minutes, to watch it, enjoy it, and hopefully feel inspired and enlightened and return to their regular lives after experiencing some of the art forms.

“For me, this will be the first step in a bigger process of a big piece where I will develop other concepts around it.

“It also gives us all an opportunity as artists to work together to create something new with a purpose and an outcome that we can share with others and bring everyone together.”

The project was a recipient of Surf Coast Shire COVID Recovery Grants.

The lighting is suitable for all ages and will be projected outside Wurdi Baierr Stadium next to Surf Coast Shire Secondary College, 75 White Street, Torquay on Saturday 28 May.

Tickets are available every half hour from 7 p.m. and the last performance ends at 10 p.m.

For more information, visit and search for “Enlightenment”.


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