LVC Arnold Art Gallery receives $ 1.5 million donation for its tenure as director


Lebanon Valley College’s Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery will receive a new donation of $ 1.5 million from its namesake donor to create a new position of endowed gallery director, the college announced Wednesday (December 15th).

President James M. MacLaren announced in a press release that Suzanne Arnold Schrotberger would make the donation to further support the LVC institution she helped establish as a founding donor in 1994.

MacLaren said that in addition to staffing the trustee position, held since 2011 by Dr. Barbara McNulty, the donation also includes a $ 100,000 challenge to support internships and other hands-on experiences in the fine arts.

“The LVC Art Gallery is a gem within the regional art community,” Arnold said in the statement. “Dr. McNulty and future directors will continue to bring the arts to life for countless generations of future artists and art lovers.”

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“I am very grateful to Suzanne for her commitment to the arts and student learning. This donation significantly expands the gallery’s resources to inspire a commitment to culture, creativity, expression and meaning, ”President MacLaren said in the release.

For more information on the gallery, visit their site here.

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