Mob Psycho 100 celebrates the arrival of with new illustrations


Mob’s story is one that is able to juggle incredible psychic battles with a bit of humor along the way and with the series set to return for a third season, Mob Psycho 100 got new art to help celebrate 2022. While fans are still wondering when we can expect the third season of Psychic Hijinks to arrive, it remains one of the most anticipated releases in the future of the anime and is sure to shake the medium when the last episodes of the series will arrive.

Mob Psycho 100’s anime first premiered in 2016, giving us two seasons thanks to the animators responsible for My Hero Academia and Supercrooks at Studio Bones. In 2021, the series announced that the third season of the comedy show was in the works and revealed a new trailer to keep fans excited for the return of Mob and Company. Throughout the history of the anime, artist Yoshimichi Kameda has played the role of character designer, as well as director and key animator in several episodes, adding Mob Psycho 100 to his resume which already included personalities like One-Punch Man, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Evangelion to name a few.

The official Twitter account of Mob Psycho 100 shared Kameda’s new artwork to help ring in the New Year with some of the greatest psychics in the anime world:

If you’re unfamiliar with Mob’s backstory, Crunchyroll has posted a full series synopsis to bring you up to speed on what’s going on in the world of psychic and supernatural shenanigans:

“What’s his secret to eliminating ghosts while keeping prices low?” Well, first, he’s a fraudster, and second, he pays the guy with real psychic power – his student assistant Shigeo – less than minimum wage. Shigeo is a clumsy but kind boy whose need to help and get along with others is linked to the mental security locks he has placed on his own emotions. Reigen knows he has to exploit Shigeo to stay in business, but for better or worse, he’s also her mentor and advisor. And he also knows that every time a normally repressed child’s emotions reach level 100, it can release more psychic energy than either one can handle! ”

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