Mr Eazi “Legalize” Artwork Patricorel Collaboration


Mr Eazi is set to release his first single “Legalize” from his highly anticipated new album. Well known for his pioneering “Banku” sound, which draws inspiration from rhythmic Nigerian drumming and Ghanaian nightlife, Eazi had recently pushed back the release of his next record until 2023, assuring fans that it will be special.

The Nigerian-born, Ghana-based producer gave us a first look at how this project is unfolding. As a constant traveller, Eazi has developed an affinity for art and culture and will collaborate with a range of leading African artists to create bespoke work for each piece.

“I started to see the similarities between the music space and the art space in terms of my business model emPawa Is it that … [which] finds and works with artists, musicians, nurtures them and their careers, and empowers them to break into the world,” Eazi said. ART news.

Released tomorrow, “Legalize” will feature the work of the Beninese painter Patritorial. The whole partnership is quite unique – where the art is created while Eazi paints each track. Filmed at an invitation-only reception in Lagos, ‘Legalize’ is perhaps the most personal song Eazi has released – serving as a love letter to his fiancée, the Nigerian actress Temi Otedola.

“I started thinking… ‘Why don’t I work with artists so I can co-create pieces that represent music to capture the essence of music on canvas?’ Eazi said. Check out the documentary above to see the making of his latest track.

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