Muralists and Herron Graduates Open Broad Ripple Art Gallery


INDIANAPOLIS – You’ll see something different every time you step into Chromatic Collective at Broad Ripple.

“There will almost always be something on the walls that you can look at or interact with, in some way, shape or form,” said Hailee Smith, a fifth from Chromatic Collective.

The art gallery and boutique, located at 6216 Carrollton Ave., has a huge assortment of spray paints and murals—among other art forms—on its walls at all times.

The Chromatic Collective is all about the niche – selling specialty supplies, providing space for emerging artists, and hosting eclectic pop-up events and markets for local makers and the community.

“We also want to foster that connection between the public and the artists. So our shop is a common ground; it’s a safe ground for people to come and interact with the art and the artists,” Erica Parker told about the mission of the collective.

After extensive renovations and ahead of its grand reopening on April 1, three of the five-person collective spoke to WRTV about why it’s important to them to continue Broad Ripple’s vibrant culture and what they offer the community.

WRTV Photo: Shakkira Harris

Murals cover the walls inside Chromatic Collective, located at 6216 Carrollton Ave., Broad Ripple.

WRTV Photo: Shakkira Harris

Two murals inside Chromatic Collective.

A group of five local muralists and Herron School of Art and Design graduates formed Chromatic Collective in April 2021. The collective includes Hailee Smith, Erica Parker and Rafael Caro.

The collective opened its storefront next to Egyptian Hookah and Hubbard & Cravens on Carrollton Avenue. Over the past year, they’ve transformed the space into an interactive gallery and showcase.

Chromatic says it’s not about opening up something completely different for the art scene, but adding something new to the already eclectic community.

“There’s always been a very rich art scene in Broad Ripple and Indy that we’re all shaped by,” Smith, 32, said.

Broad Ripple is the band’s hometown. They all agree that the art and artists that have come before them over the past 20 years have shaped Broad Ripple’s current creative culture.

“We took a lot of inspiration from the mural productions that were behind the old Kroger building. This whole alleyway inspired us to do similar creative projects,” Caro, 30, told WRTV. “We just hope to continue to develop that, and hopefully we can have more public art that adds to what’s already there.”

Chromatic Collective is proud of its Broad Ripple roots and feels honored to help continue its attractive reputation.

“I want to bring more people here to experience the other things Broad Ripple has to offer,” said Parker, 31.


WRTV Photo: Shakkira Harris

Chromatic Collective is next to the Egyptian Cafe & Hookah Bar in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis.

WRTV Photo: Shakkira Harris

Chromatic Collective’s “Off the Wall” event featured a live DJ on Friday, April 1, 2022.

Chromatic’s brick-and-mortar location wasn’t only possible because of the local community’s metaphysical art, but literally the physical, Caro said.

“It was just a lot of using our own resources and repurposing a lot of stuff. We took it from different companies’ hands; I mean, we pretty much put this place back together, until the ground,” Caro shared.

“We’re constantly learning from each other,” Parker said of Chromatic. “We are growing as artists.”

Each of them actively creates art in their medium. The collective includes acrylic painters, illustrators, animators, muralists, laser cut artists, and more.

Smith shares that it’s about fostering a space for holistic growth.

“We feel like we have skills to share with the community; we also feel like the community has skills to share with us and with others,” Smith said. “We want to provide a space where people can come and learn something from someone local, or if someone feels like they have a skill they can teach others, we also want to provide a space for that.”

One of Chromatic’s upcoming showcases is the return of the “Indy Post-it Show”, where artists from across the city showcase their art on a Post-it note. The group says they get everything from drawings, paintings, embroideries and collages.

To follow Chromatic Collective and all their events, follow them on instagram and visit their website at

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