New Bottle Knot sculpture unveiled at Hunger Hill


CELEBRATING the town’s maritime and shipbuilding heritage, the Bottle Knot sculpture in Hunger Hill, Poole, has been unveiled.

The artwork was designed by artist Michael Condron and is made up of thousands of stainless steel segments that overlap and twist together to form a giant rope knot.

It also features internal LED lighting that illuminates the sculpture at night with light creeping through the gaps in its intricate metal surface.

The Bottle Knot sculpture at Hunger Hill, Poole

A public work of art, the work has developed through extensive engagement with local historians, schools and the Poole Museum.

Michael Condron said: “It’s so good to see the sculpt in its place – until a few weeks ago there were just hundreds of massive and tiny components laid out all over my studio. It’s overwhelming to see it all finally come together.

“While I was assembling the sculpture at Hunger Hill, passers-by stopped to chat. The ideas for this public piece of art started with conversations about the people and history of Poole, and now it’s in place, it’s great to know that those conversations are continuing.

Bournemouth Echo: Michael Condron, artist, the Bottle Knot sculpture at Hunger Hill, PooleMichael Condron, artist, the Bottle Knot sculpture at Hunger Hill, Poole

The completed artwork marks the final stage of BCP Council’s Townside and Hunger Hill infrastructure improvement program, which has already provided a walking and cycling network on the urban side of the Back Water Canal and Holes Bay , between Poole Bridge and Hunger Hill.

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The system began in 2018 following a public consultation on improving accessibility between the port and the city center. As part of this consultation, residents requested more gateway functionality to create a single identity for the region.

To implement the Townside Access improvement programme, nearly £10 million has been provided by the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), from its Local Growth Fund.

Bournemouth Echo: (L-R) Councilor Philip Broadhead, Engineer Michael Hadley, Artist Michael Condron, Rosie McNamara of the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership and Julian McLaughlin BCP service director at The Bottle Knot sculpture in Hunger Hill, Poole(L-R) Councilor Philip Broadhead, engineer Michael Hadley, artist Michael Condron, Rosie McNamara from the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership and Julian McLaughlin director of the BCP service at the Bottle Knot sculpture in Hunger Hill, Poole

From this fund, £450,000 was then allocated by the BCP Council to create attractive public spaces.

Cecilia Bufton, Chair of Dorset LEP, added: “I am delighted to see this wonderful new landmark, signifying the history and importance of the port and its surroundings.”

Councilor Mike Greene, Transport and Sustainability Portfolio Holder, said: “This is a fascinating work of art that will create a focal point for people traveling on foot or by bike, encouraging them to stop and to explore the area.”


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