New year-end exhibition at the Windermere Fine Art Gallery


The Windermere Fine Art Gallery has unveiled a new year-end exhibition, showcasing works by some of the UK’s best artists.

These include the latest winners of the highly acclaimed annual exhibition of the prestigious Royal Institute of Oil Painters, one of the highest honors in British art.

The artists – now on display at the Windermere Fine Art Gallery – of the illustrious painting group Northern Boys exhibiting at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters’ annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London were:

Haidee-Jo Summers ROI, RSMA; KING by Rob Pointon, MAFA; Andrew Farmer’s Return on Investment; Michael Ashcroft ROI, MAFA; Adam Ralston MAFA; Steven P Smith MAFA and Max White. (ROI shows membership in the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, with RSMA representing the Royal Society of Marine Artists and MAFA indicating Manchester Academy of Fine Arts, which dates back to 1859 and classifies LS Lowry among its former members).

The winners of this group include:

  • Max White – Winner of the ROI Emerging Artist Award and Third Prize of the coveted Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award
  • Rob Pointon – Artist Magazine Award winner
  • Adam Ralston – Frank Herring Easel Award winner. He has just been appointed associate member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (AROI)

The gallery is also exhibiting the work of KING member Amanda Coleman, winner of the KING’s Alan Gourley Memorial Award this year.

“We are delighted to bring the award-winning work of all of these nationally recognized artists to the Windermere Fine Art Gallery for a special year-end exhibition, which will run throughout the holidays,” said owner Matthew Titherington.

He took over the gallery earlier this year with his wife Dawn to start attracting more London-based art buyers and collectors to the Lake District for weekends and short breaks.

The new exhibition concludes a pivotal year for new gallery owners and follows on from the success of the summer and fall exhibitions, showcasing works created by leading national artists, such as Haidee-Jo Summers.


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