Northumberland Museum Hosts Fundraiser for Art Gallery | New


NORTHUMBERLAND – The Northumberland Museum hosted an open house and art exhibit on Sunday, showcasing the recently discovered artwork of late community member William Hickey.

Showcase organizer Barabara Kisner said she was approached by Hickey’s former neighbor, who had kept the artwork when Hickey died two years ago. Kisner said Hickey was a draftsman by trade and had not received any formal artistic training.

“He died without children or parents,” she said. “But he did paintings and every year he donated one to the Lutheran church or different places to raise funds.”

Most of Hickey’s drawings and paintings apparently depict natural landscapes or remarkable structures in the valley.

Most of the artwork is available for purchase through the museum.

Drawings and sketches are available for $ 10, while most paintings are on sale for $ 20. All proceeds will go towards the maintenance of the museum and the celebration of the bicentennial of 17857 which will take place next year.

Northumberland High School graduate Margaret Weirick enjoyed seeing all the artwork in one place.

“I don’t know it at all, but it’s the kind of art that was popular when I was young,” she said. She also liked the rest of the museum because it reminded her of old memories.

The museum has several exhibits highlighting the past of local Northumberland heroes, such as Theodore Van Kirk of WWII, and other notable stories of the city.

“Some of the photos of the football teams that I recognize in the photo. I’ve contributed some things and I think it’s nice to be able to do that, especially since Northumberland High School no longer exists, ”said Weirick.

Kisner said that by maintaining this local museum, she hopes people will remember that everyone who lives in Northumberland contributes to the memories and history of Northumberland.

“We cannot forget that people are just as important and contribute to the city,” she said. “It’s something though, I hope we never lose our ability to appreciate who lives here.”


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