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A hundred years from now, students will view the coronavirus pandemic as a milestone not only in politics and global health, but also in fashion.
At least that is the premise of the next art exhibition of the painter Dometo “Dede” Esse.

Esse has noticed that the COVID-19 pandemic and the guidelines – shelter at home and mask themselves – have had a palpable effect on the women she has met in her daytime job as an eyelash technician.

Dometo “Dédé” Esse, 2021

Contribution photo

“I would meet women who were so afraid of becoming invisible during the pandemic,” she said. “They want (ed) to follow their beauty.”

Esse explores this theme in “Fashion and Beauty in the 2020 Pandemic”, an exhibition of daring paintings which opened on December 22 at the Rochester Art Center.

If Esse were to paint in “such a monumental time,” she decided, she would reflect what these women went through. Many of her paintings revolve around the beauty and appearance of women, she added.

Dome "Dede" Esse is working on a painting of a woman in a shiny dress, taking a selfie.
Dometo “Dede” Esse used bright colors to represent women celebrating their own beauty during the global pandemic.

Contribution / Dede Esse

“Women and fashion give so much flair and color to history, and art will play a central role in illustrating their place and importance during such a remarkable period as this,” it read. in its exhibition statement. “How did a young woman maintain her appearance during the pandemic?” How was it possible for a woman to feel beautiful behind an obligatory mask? This exhibition answers these questions in vivid and saturated colors and shapes for future generations to unveil. “

Esse received a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council to begin work on the project in March and finalized the pieces in early December.

This exhibition will be detailed, depicting a multitude of women – some at home, others facing COVID-19 head-on – “going through the pandemic, very beautiful”.

She wants visitors to “marvel” as they walk from room to room.

“Right now the main thing I want people to take away from all of my paintings is to come into contact with the magic within themselves,” she said. “I think we’re so caught up in things of the world like trying to pay our bills, trying to do everything right in society, and taking responsibility, that we forget. There is this infinite pool of so much beauty within us.

What: “Fashion and beauty in the 2020 pandemic”

When: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday, December 22 to April 17

Or: Rochester Art Center, 30 Civic Center Drive SE

Cost: $ 5 for adults, free for ages 21 and under


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