Paintings from Iran Shine at Kanagawa Biennale World Children’s Art Exhibition


TEHRAN — The paintings of 21 Iranian children have won prizes at the Kanagawa Biennale World Children’s Art Exhibition in Japan.

An untitled painting by 13-year-old Zahra Jamshidi received one of eight prizes awarded by the president of the Japan Foundation, one of the exhibit’s supporters.

In his cartoon, Jamshidi, a member of a branch of the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA-Kanoon) in Kermanshah, illustrated a Yalda Night party.

Yalda Night falls on the last day of autumn and the evening is celebrated by Iranians as an ancient tradition.

Other children including Karen Qobadi, Nazanin-Zahra Kuhi, Saba Vadikheil, Maya Tavassoli, Diba Arabpur, Helia Qadimi-Nasiri, Paria Entezami and Hooman Nik’ain were among the Kanagawa award winners.

Ilia Cheraghi, Fatemeh Khademi, Nesa Mahmudi, Zeinab Rahimi, Melika Abolhassani, Asra Rahnama, Sadra Hakiminia, Hedyeh Jafarpur, Shokufeh Ehsani, Bahareh Puryusef, Kiana Qanbarzadeh and Sana Abdollahzadeh are the other winners of the award.

The exhibition is organized by the Kanagawa Prefectural Government and the Japan Overseas Cooperative Association.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan United Nations Association, National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan, National Council of YMCAs of Japan, Japan Committee for UNICEF, Kanagawa Prefectural Municipalities, Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education, Kanagawa Prefectural Municipal Councils of Education and Japan-China Friendship Association of Kanagawa Prefecture Kanagawa are other supporters of the exhibition.

The winning works were featured in the exhibition held in the summer of 2021 at Earth Plaza in Kanagawa, a coastal prefecture just south of Tokyo.

The top prizes went to “Deeper” by 12-year-old Bangladeshi girl Nafisa Maliyat Syeda, “My Happiness” by Thin Keawsod from Thailand and “A Mantis Is Here” by Yanai Daiki from Japan.

“Merry Mice” by Vikhliaiev Volodymyr from Ukraine and “Tug of War on Sports Day” by Mitsuhashi Kento from Japan won the Minister’s Awards.

The president of the Japan International Cooperation Agency also awarded eight paintings, including “Mountain Chamois” by Gabriela Pietrzak from Poland, “Unity” by Afsheen Arissa Raiyan from Bangladesh and “Liang Xin” by Hu Zhan Ge from China.

Pictured: An untitled painting by 13-year-old Iranian girl Zahra Jamshidi received a Japan Foundation President’s Award at the Kanagawa Biennale World Children’s Art Exhibition in Japan.



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