Patented DatavaultⓇ Technology Enables Metaverse Art Gallery and NFT Featured Artists to Participate in Egypt’s Premier World Art Forum


International Artists at a Premier Global Art Event to Leverage Datavault’s Data Visualization, Evaluation, and Monetization Capabilities to Generate New Revenue Streams and Deliver New Solutions for Sustainability

NEW YORK, January 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Data Vault Holdings Inc., a leader in the visualization, evaluation and monetization of tokenomics and metaverse data, today announced that it has developed a Metaverse Art Gallery in collaboration with the inaugural international art event World Art Forum, organized by the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. The patented Datavault the platform hits participating artists’ NFTs in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through art in Egypt and the world. The gallery proves the ingenuity of NFTs – in its transformation of data objects across the metaverse – to create new digital assets from existing works. It will also showcase ADIO’s data packet technology to create personalized calls to action in the NFT art itself. The World Art Forum will take place at Cairo, Egypt at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization from January 15-19, 2022.

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“We could not have imagined just a few years ago the heights that NFTs would reach in their potential to not only improve the financial stability of artists, but also to address social ills around the world. Sustainability and our collective carbon footprint are problems that the metaverse has helped solve. Thanks to NFT art, Datavault can easily reuse art to reduce, reuse and recycle materials with our patented technology. What attendees, artists, owners and collectors of this exhibition will see is the emerging ability of NFT art to provide sustainable alternatives to creators and the NFT market as a whole,” says Nathaniel Bradley, co-founder and CEO of Data Vault Holdings.

The World Art Forum, open to the public, will present more than 150 pieces and sculptures from 27 countries. Art will be represented by over 20 local, regional and international galleries. The event will feature NFTs created by Datavault cultural centers of Africa, Europe, Asia, United States, and the Middle East.

Datavault’s new technology will hit the NFTs of distinguished artists in the fields of painting, ceramics, sculpture and visual arts. Artists include: Heidi Fosli (Norway), Abinoro Akporode Collins (Nigeria), Giorio Piccaia (Italy), Jorg Van Daele (Belgium), Larissa Noury (France), Wissam Fahmy (Egypt), and Ahmed Naouar (Egypt).

The works will be showcased alongside more than 1,000 expected visitors during the five-day event, which will also include guest panelists from the fields of government, the arts and global development. Datavault’s Metaverse Gallery will provide a successful proof of concept for the utility of NFTs as a sustainable and revenue-generating art form for artists, collectors, and owners.

Datavault adds an extra layer to the data revolution through its support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in collaboration with the United Nations Representative Office in Egypt. Datavault’s Metaverse Gallery will help to specifically promote SDG #17, which focuses on building partnerships between artists, development partners and organizations to integrate art with today’s fundamental social issues, such as equality, women’s empowerment and cultural dialogue. Additionally, Datavault’s patented platform offers a securitized digital element that provides ongoing royalties and residual income. Datavault will also further authenticate minted NFTs through the use of ADIO’s proprietary data packet technology.

Previously, Datavault laid the groundwork for the World Art Forum’s multidisciplinary collaboration via the platform’s inaugural Metaverse Gallery last month at the Art Basel Miami Beach global art fair, hosted December 2-5. Datavault demonstrated its patented encryption technology by creating NFTs from original works by featured artists around the world, as digital art for purchase. Also last month, Datavault curated the comprehensive metaverse exhibition “NFTs: Timeless and Ancient Art Exhibition”, in collaboration with the New York Saphira & Ventura art gallery December 28-30. This exhibition provided an accessible way to discover new and existing monetization capabilities within the emerging NFT space, through NFT minting from works by participating artists as well as past masterpieces . Additionally, Saphira & Ventura will participate in this year’s World Art Forum as one of more than 20 featured art galleries.

Departure January 15, in collaboration with the World Art Forum, Datavault will leverage the potential of the metaverse and use art as a universal language to promote artistic expression, financial viability and sustainable development. Datavault has only begun to exploit the limitless possibility of NFTs across mediums and locations.

About the World Art Forum
The World Art Forum aims to use art to connect regions, artists and galleries around the world; establish partnerships between them; and facilitate integration between art and societal issues. The event features artists from around the world who share the goal of raising awareness of global issues and establishing a more sustainable future. This year’s inaugural event will take place under the auspices of the Egyptian government in partnership with the United Nations Representative Office in Egypt. Learn more about the World Art Forum here.

About Data Vault Holdings Inc.
Data Vault Holdings Inc. is a technology holding company that provides a proprietary cloud-based platform for delivering branded data-driven cryptocurrencies. Data Vault Holdings Inc. provides businesses with the tools to securely monetize data assets through its Information Data Exchange™ (IDE). The company is finalizing the consolidation of its subsidiaries Data Donate Technologies, Inc., ADIO LLC and Datavault Inc. as wholly owned subsidiaries under a single corporate structure. Learn more about Data Vault Holdings Inc. here.

About Datavault Inc.
Datavault Inc. owns patented cloud-based technology that is transforming the way businesses value and exchange data. The Datavault Inc. team has transferred decades of experience in enterprise solutions, blockchain technology, and digital security to help customers process real-time data objects. Datavault Inc. owns the Information Data Exchange™ (IDE), a first-of-its-kind exchange that allows registered buyers and sellers to exchange data objects for cash or other monetary assets, including cryptocurrencies. Learn more about Datavault Inc. here.

ADIO LLC has developed a revolutionary ad-driven monetization platform that enhances user experience through high-frequency audio advertising. ADIO uses its pioneering patented data pocket technology to embed itself into an audio file for a more robust user experience. Learn more about ADIO LLC here.

About Saphira & Ventura
Saphira & Ventura Art Design Architecture, is a global talent management network focused on art, design and architecture as well as alternative forms of expression such as NFT, working with artists and cultural creators from various countries. Saphira & Ventura Art Design Architecture challenges the traditional perception of the meaning of art, fashion, design and customs, seeing through the lens of inclusion, purpose and self-expression positive. With this in mind, the Saphira & Ventura Group brings new technologies to research, develop and validate its scalable business model, improve transactions through the use of blockchain technology and improve the user experience. Learn more about Saphira & Ventura here.

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