Puzzle title Please touch artwork planned for Switch


Please touch the illustration

As revealed by developer Thomas Waterzooi, puzzle title Please, Touch the Artwork is set to release on To change. It will be released this summer.

You can find additional information about Please, Touch the Artwork below:

There are 160 paintings (2-3 hours of gameplay) spread across 3 unique decks,
The 1st game tells the origin story of pure abstract art. It’s a challenging puzzle where you’ll add colors and lines to a canvas to recreate abstract paintings.

In the 2nd game, you’ll move to a big city, only to be overwhelmed with mixed emotions. You will explore the maze of New York while collecting the words of a poem.

In the 3rd game, you will help Boogie & Woogie, 2 squares who just want to be together, by discovering how obstacles influence Woogie’s path, in a growing complex society.

Three different games in one
Simple commands
Casual game
Suitable for ages 13-99
No time pressure, Zen
Relaxing music
Iconic universal art
Fun art facts
Light and bittersweet stories
Calm but convincing
Advice in case of blocking
Over 160 levels
2 to 3 hours of play

And here is a trailer:

Please, Touch the Artwork is set to release digitally on Switch by the end of summer.


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