Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & ​​Museum announces lineup for annual children’s summer series


June 8: Create your own universe by Natalia Artemova, The Casual Factotum

What does your imaginary world look like? What type of surface is there? Who lives there? In this workshop, students will explore the art of making collages. Students will learn to use shapes, forms, colors and found objects to bring imaginary worlds to life.

June 15: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Stan Ginn

What do pickle buckets, car parts, Italian terminology, fruit salad, density, listening and tin cans have in common? These are all essential items for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! Stan Ginn weaves these elements in part with the process of teaching young bands how to play polyrhythmic musical compositions using ordinary objects!

June 22: Adaptations by Butler County Soil + Water

Join Butler Soil and Water Conservation District to learn about animal adaptations during this hands-on program. Put your knowledge of animal adaptations to the test and create a new creature with its own unique habitat. In addition to your creativity, we will become physical by seeing who can move like a camel, crocodile, etc.

June 29: Fun Tales by Lane Library

Enjoy captivating stories filled with adventure and silliness! After story time, we’ll have fun creating art, science and engineering themed projects in a variety of activity stations. Presented by Celeste Swanson and Lane Libraries.

July 6: Intro to Puppets – A World of Paper by Daniela Nenova of Solasta Theater Lab

In this Puppet 101 workshop, students/participants will learn the basics of puppet theater and improvised puppetry. After a short warm-up, everyone will make a small improvised puppet using brown paper and auxiliary materials. Once the puppets are finished, we will learn how to bring them to life using 101 puppet techniques. The activities end with a series of small puppet acts that the participants would create by working in groups. This workshop focuses on teamwork, creativity and stimulating the imagination, without seeking a specific outcome, emphasizing the importance of play. Please come dressed comfortably and ready to move .

July 13: Underwater World by Natalia Artemova, The Casual Factotum

The underwater world is an incredible space filled with color, life and beauty. In this workshop, students will explore the art of making collages, learning techniques to visually express a beauty of the underwater world with its creatures and plants.

July 20: Imagination Yoga

Imagination Yoga is a curriculum-based children’s yoga program that inspires real change in children’s lives. Miss Beth, certified Imagination Yoga teacher, uses adventure stories to guide students through a yoga class designed just for them. Each adventure features developmentally-appropriate yoga poses, kindness activities, calming techniques, and focus exercises.

July 27: Introduction to character creation by Erin Carr of Solasta Theater Lab

In this workshop, students/participants will learn the basics of character creation through movement and object play. After a brief warm-up, we’ll create a character based on how we move through space. We will then create short scenes using these newly created characters. Then we’ll use found objects to incorporate puppets and expand the character and story designs. This workshop focuses on discovering impulses through physical play and the individuality of our imagination. Please come dressed comfortably and ready to move.

The registration dates are as follows:

Early access for members: Saturday, April 30, 2022

Full access for all: Monday, May 2, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.

These classes tend to fill up quickly, so it’s important that parents and interested groups register in advance. For that go HERE

Each Summer Series lesson is only one hour long, so we ask all parents, chaperones and guardians to stay in the park for the duration of the lesson. For this reason, all adults will be charged the $10 general admission fee. As always, members enjoy free admission to the park. If you want to become a member, go HERE


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