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“Deploy” will not be unveiled at the roundabout of Routes 20 and 60 for at least two months.

The state wants three permits for the sculpture, created by local artist Joe Sorci. The art is meant to help spruce up the roundabout, which is currently barren except for weeds.

Ann Eckman, Pomfret’s assistant supervisor, leads the push for the sculpture. She told a story of bureaucratic woe about it at this week’s city council meeting.

When she thought a permit for the sculpture itself was sufficient, she discovered that a permit was needed to build within the right-of-way of a national road. And when she thought that was enough, she was informed that a third permit was needed: A maintenance permit, to maintain the sculpture and the small garden intended to surround it.

Permits are all filed, but it will all take about eight weeks to approve, Eckman said.

The sculpture is set up to get a concrete base, with no breaking bolts for the sculpture. That’s according to Pomfret City Council member Brett Christy, who is working with Eckman on roundabout beautification plans.

He reached out to Kelly Morrissey of the state Department of Transportation about protecting the sculpture – not to mention drivers – if it is struck by a vehicle. Many “experts” on social networks say that the sculpture will be hit almost immediately after installation.

The conversation with Morrissey, which Christy spoke of very positively, deterred the planners from using break bolts on the base. In place, “We will use a 1,400 pound piece of concrete. If a driver hits him, he will move the base,” Christy said.

When asked if the OBSERVER could run a photo of “Deploy,” Sorci replied “I was hoping to install first to get full impact.”

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