San Juan Islands Sculpture Park Summer Series


San Juan Islands Sculpture Park Summer Series

Picnic in the park and interactive sculpting activities

Submitted by San Juan Islands Sculpture Park Education and Events.

Summer fun awaits at San Juan Sculpture Park! Every Saturday starting June 18, join the party with a BYOP. It’s Bring your own picnic… followed by a family group sculpting event. The fun begins with Alchemy artists guiding us as we make tiles to complement the park’s brilliant ceramic salmon. The following Saturday, June 25, we will be painting real feathers and building a 10 foot wide set of wings that would make any bird jealous. The fun is always on, but this event will also provide the perfect photo opportunity for dreamers of all ages.

Plan a picnic with family and friends, or bring treats to share and make friends at the park. It’s time to shake off the COVID doldrums and reconnect…with friends…with art…with nature. Spread a blanket on the grass or, if it’s a little drizzly that day, set up a chair under the two tents set up near the parking lot. All sculpting events will be led by local artists and are designed to be fun for all ages. We’ll create an abstract piece emerging from the pond, an orca food pyramid, a 15-foot spider’s web stretching between the trees, and a capsized canoe with scarecrow paddlers.

If you just want to explore the park, come and try our Sculpture Bingo. Find the sculptures pictured on our bingo card (five in a row in any direction) and win a prize. Or try our hand at our sculptural scavenger hunt. No, you won’t have to bring back a 30,000 pound sculpture. You only have to draw the sculpture once you find it to win a prize.

Donations are welcome, but events are free and open to the public. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. No artistic experience necessary. All you need is a good attitude and a determination to have fun. It’s true in life like on Saturday picnics at the sculpture park!

Sculptors wishing to participate or lead their own project, this year or in anticipation of next year, are encouraged to contact David Halpern at


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